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U.N. Squadron
U.N. Squadron
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U.N. Squadron

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U.N. Squadron SNES Super Nintendo Game Cartridge Cleaned Tested and Guaranteed to Work! 

Soar to glory in a high-tech aircraft! The Evil Project 4 has torn freedom from the people of Aslan. Mercenaries control the entire country, except for a tiny airfield. But this field is headquarters for the best fighter pilots in the world -- UN Squadron! You must destroy all eight of Project 4's bases as you force back an overpowering enemy war machine. Dog-fight a wolfpack of stealth fighters in a battlefield of clouds! Strafe enemy tanks! A giant missile launcher, laser cannon and desert aircraft carrier hammer at your plane. Counterstrike with missiles, thunder lasers, napalm and bombs. Lead an airstrike for freedom!

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Action & Adventure


Super Nintendo


NTSC (N. America)



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Customer Reviews

5 Stars
U.N. Squadron
Cartridge looks great, no complaints. Fun game.
Reviewed by: from Houston on
5 Stars
Great condition
Ordered this because my friend was coming over from long distance asked if I owned this game. I didn't at the time and he said it was his favorite from his childhood. First thing I did was jump on lukie and found it, great price and great condition.
Reviewed by: from RIVERSIDE on
5 Stars
Highly recommend
Maybe the best shmup on the system. Way less slowdown than Gradius 3 or Super R Type
Reviewed by: from Toledo oh on
5 Stars
U.N. Squadron! Hell Yesh!
C'mon! Just from the look at the title screen, you know this game is gonna kick ass! I can see why people have been saying that this port is better than the Arcade version. This has everything you could ever ask for an SNES game; Great graphics, power-ups a plenty, stellar soundtrack, big bosses, sublime controls and of course, awesome gameplay. This is a must-have for the Super Nintendo. Man...Now I feel like playing it again....Brb!
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from Orlando on
5 Stars
arcade classic
U.N. Squadron (also known as Area 88) is a classic Konami arcade shoot 'em up that is very faithfully recreated on the SNES. There are three different characters from which to choose, as well as an assortment of planets and weapons to upgrade. Being an arcade port, it's pretty challenging!
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from Louisville, KY on
5 Stars
A fun, challenging shooter!
I love U.N. and it being overrated is bull it's actually super underrated! The highest complaint is that's its to easy to die oh two hits and I'm dead... UH HELLO! When were snes shooters ever easy! This has an awesome sound track that the enemy planes sync with. If your new to the game pick the third guy he recovers the quickest! And if your "lucky" enough to get to the last boss you will hear a harrowing tune that will make you feel like this is the end. Now my experience was TERRIFYING!! (for me at least). I was down to my last continue, last life, last hit... And I was out of weapons.. All I had worked for was on this last stretch! I dodge huge attacks for what seemed like for ever then that golden moment of expulsions everywhere. I killed him! I rejoined! Even though it's a hard game with kamikaze planes that seem worthy of a bullethell game it's worth playing.
Reviewed by: from CA on
5 Stars
UN Squad
Love this game. this was my childhood growing up. a bit difficult without game genie
Reviewed by: from San Diego on
5 Stars
One of the best on the SNES
This game rocks in so many ways. It easly fits into my top 20 favorite SNES games and top 100 games from any system. Right from the start your able to pick from 3 distinctly different characters which in itself is rare. Next you get to choose from several different power ups and tons of planes and both selections increase as the game progresses. On top of all this you are also able to choose which level you wish to challenge next. Overall from graphics to gameplay Id give UN Squadron a 8/10.
Reviewed by: from Vernon, BC Canada on
3 Stars
good but overrated
This is a perfect example of things being overrated honestly this game is overrated in so many ways the power ups are good but i end up feeling like they are all the same and 2 consecutive hits means game over ? WHAT? anyways if you want a good shooter experience get gradius 3 next time U.N Squadron is a great game but not as great as said
Reviewed by: from 134 Glenmore rd Toronto Ontario on
5 Stars
Best Shooter Ever
This is easily the best shooter ever. Amazing level design, difficulty curve, graphics, music, and controls. Many different weapons and planes to use The possibilities are endless!
Reviewed by: from US on

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