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WWF No Mercy
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WWF No Mercy

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Jump into the ring with the biggest, baddest jambronis around and experience brutal WWF action never before seen in a console game! Battle with the likes of the Rock and Triple H, or create your own wrestler. The Ladder Match has been added to other game modes, such as King of the Ring and Royal Rumble. Earn points to unlock wrestlers and costumes in the SmackDown Mall. Also, players can supplement their totals by loading points that are earned in the Game Boy version of the game to the Nintendo 64 version.

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Nintendo 64


NTSC (N. America)



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Customer Reviews

5 Stars
The game works it
Reviewed by: from Montreal on
5 Stars
Yet another great game and must have
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from Ukiah on
5 Stars
Greatest wrestling game since WWE 2K games
This game is without question the greatest wrestling game for the N64 you had the roster of wrestlemania 2000 but a few changes . The game easily should get 5 stars because the story path adjusts to whether you win or lose you can create a wrestler and give it a male look if the wrestler is a female you can change a female and make her look like a guy Literally. You can even unlock cool additional characers like : Ken Shamrock Andre The Giant Cactus jack etc . Easily the best wreslting game for the N64 definitely would recommmed to buy.
Reviewed by: from 37 Rothbury Cres on
5 Stars
Pure Awesomeness!
It's great, just like it was back in the day.
Reviewed by: from Georgia on
5 Stars
Works great
The game works great! No issues at all.
Reviewed by: from Maryland on
5 Stars
No Mercy
GREAT game, one of the greatest wrestling games for any console, ever! Superb savings and super fast shipping from Lukie Games make this a 100% win!
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from Parts Unknown on
5 Stars
This was a great purchase. I recently pulled out my 64 and i missed purchasing this game when I was younger. I would definitely recommend purchasing any old games from Lukie.
Reviewed by: from Raleigh on
5 Stars
Trip Down Memory Lane
Cart arrived just when it was scheduled to in great condition. This game is one of if not THE best wrestling game ever made...better than Smackdown, Day of Reckoning, WWE 2K4, all are good but they aren't quite No Mercy. Thanks Lukie Games for helping this old dog be a little nostalgic.
Reviewed by: from Alberta on
4 Stars
Almost Perfect
Awesome game minus the few glitches
Reviewed by: from Chelmsford on
5 Stars
Fun Game!!!
I like this game mainly because you can wrestle in the backstage area.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from San Angelo Tx on
1 Stars
Extremely overrated
I have no idea why this game gets all the love it does. There are only a few features in this game that hadn't already been done and the biggest of those was the story mode they implemented for the belts. The biggest problem with that was you could use whatever character you wanted to go after any belt you wanted. I went after and won the women's title with Triple H. Not only that, but the initial release of this game had a flaw where it would randomly delete all the saved information. I don't care how good the game play or the graphics or anything else is, that flaw alone makes this a bad game.
Reviewed by: from Minnesota on
5 Stars
WWF Classic, A Must Have For N64!
this game came in the mail very quickly in mint condition. I have to say this game brings back so much memories this game is still one of the top wrestling games of all time. Backstage hardcore brawls, ladder matches,too cool, hardy boyz, Dudley boyz, attitude era at it's prime.on 4 player coop the game tends to lag but this was helpful i turned off BGM it helped a little. I'm still wondering will the expansion pak help the lag with this game?? anyway amazing game with kick ass gameplay thank you luckiegames.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from bronx, new york on
5 Stars
wwf awesomeness
the best wwf wrestling game on the 64. (the best was and is wcw/nwo revenge)
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from windsor on
5 Stars
Classic childhood memories
The best wrestling game made for the N64 during the last leg of it's production. This game encompasses all the previous wrestling titles before it culminating in a spectacular product.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from Canada on
2 Stars
i love this games so much
Reviewed by: from irvington on

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