Free Shipping on all Orders over $25
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Free Shipping on all Orders over $25
90 Day Return Policy

Lukie Rewards

Want to earn free stuff like games, toys, and even consoles?
Now you can with the Lukie Points Rewards Program!

How do I earn Lukie points? - You earn points just by shopping at Lukie Games! All you need to do is have an account at and you will automatically earn points with every purchase! Don't have an account yet? No problem, you can create an account when you checkout or you can create your account here - Create your account

How do I redeem my Lukie points? - Simple! Just log into your account and go to view details in your My Rewards section. Your account will show you the points you've earned and what you can get with them! Go into the product you want and under the main photo on the left there will be a button to redeem the product for points. This will add the item to your shopping cart. You can redeem as many items as you want on your order (as long as you have enough points!) Once you have redeemed all the items you want, and added anything you'd like to buy to your order, just checkout like normal and you will get your free items!

What can I get with my Lukie Points? - The items you can get will vary but include games, toys, systems, and accessories! You can view the full list of currently eligible items here Lukie Rewards Products

I made a purchase but didn't have an account. Can I still earn points on it? - Sure! Just create an account and then email us at We will get your points applied to your account.

Terms and Conditions - Lukie Points have no cash value. Lukie Points may not be sold or transferred. Lukie Games Inc reserves the right to modify or discontinue any or all portions of the Lukie Points program for any member, group of members, or all members at any time without notification. This program is void where prohibited by law.