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Original NES Nintendo Console System w/ Gun, Games

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Original NES Nintendo Console System w/ Gun, Games

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Original NES Nintendo System in GREAT condition with a 1-year warranty!
This package includes -
  • 2 Controllers
  • Zapper gun
  • Power Supply
  • RF Adapter and RCA Cable
  • New 72-pin connector installed (so no more blinking, blowing on games, etc)

  • And the following games -

  • Super Mario Brothers
  • Duck Hunt
This system has been refurbished and thoroughly tested - it works like new! Backed by our 90-day no questions asked return policy and a 1 year warranty!

Please note the light gun will only work with older tube-style televisions, it will not work on any type of plasma or flat screen.

The original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) was released in the United States on October 15th, 1985. Backed by classic hits such as Super Mario Brothers, Duck Hunt, and Excitebike it was instantly a hit. It's state of the art graphics, extensive library of innovative and entertaining games, and revolutionary joypad controller design quickly pushed Nintendo to the top of the video game market outselling all its competitors by a ten to one margin. Over 61 million sets were sold as well as over 350 million games during it's ten year run.

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Customer Reviews

4 Stars
The NES work like a charm but at first when I received it the 72 pin was some how loose. Nothing like a quick disassemble to place the 72 pin in place. After that it works just as advertised. I’m very happy and 100% sure I’ll keep buy from Lukie Games.
Reviewed by: from Texas on
5 Stars
NES Nintendo Console system with gun / games
Delivered as promised. Worked right away. No issues with console or games. Everything was as promised! Great experience!
Reviewed by: from Toronto on
5 Stars
He loved it
Ordered for my hubbs who wanted this for Christmas. Could believe the price but purchased anyways. Came just in time!! Works great! The only thing is that duck hunt gun doesn't work with newer TV. Have to have a tube TV in order for it to work.
Reviewed by: from NC on
5 Stars
Fantastic only thing gun won't work on my flat screen.
Reviewed by: from Kendallville on
5 Stars
My fiance unwrapped it yesterday and she loved it. The most important thing is to read the instructions. I did not so I struggled initially but once I saw the notes on moving the game to the left or the right the screen lit up and so did her eyes. It was awesome seeing her play the favorite game of her childhood. It's going to be awesome adding on to the collection and having family NES nights PS Duck hunt is really hard. We can't hit anything
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from Glendale,AZ on
5 Stars
NES System
Came in great condition. Works perfect! Always happy with Lukie products.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from Colorado Springs, CO on
5 Stars
NES console
After a couple of weeks, I'd definitely say I'm impressed with the purchase, I got a clean working system and for the first time in over 25 years, I don't have to risk getting asthma trying to operate the games. All of my old cartridges work great with little to no hassle. Everything came packaged great and as far as I can tell, this is a better deal than the NES classic mini if you already have a collection of old games. Just be weary that the zapper won't work on modern LCD tvs and clean all of your games prior to using so you can get the most reliable use out of it.
Reviewed by: from Conway, SC on
5 Stars
The original NES is just as much fun as I remember. Awesome!!!!
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from Paducah, KY on
5 Stars
Got the Original NES with light gun, etc. because I wanted my kids to have the same experience I did growing up playing Duck Hunt, etc. I know they have those new NES systems with 30 pre-loaded games now, but, you cannot play Duck Hunt on it and honestly how can you play NES without playing Duck Hunt?!! Anyway, when I got the system, being it has the new 72 pin connector, yes games were a bit tight and didn't seem to want to give a picture right away, but most did in the end and it works wonderfully!! I got a free 32" old CRT TV just so I could play Duck Hunt with this system as it will not work on LED or any of the new flat screen TV's. I am completely satisfied with this purchase and would / have recommended to others. Why buy the new when you can have the original??!! Thanks Lukie Games!!
Reviewed by: from 54669 on
5 Stars
Nintendo System
It works great just like the one I use to have.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from MontgomeryCity on
4 Stars
Great System
The system is in great condition. There's no yellowing and no scratches. The only thing is the 72-pin connector is VERY stiff. You really have to push games in and it's worse trying to take them out. You really have to pull on the cartridge and wiggle it back and forth to get it out. I even considered getting pliers. Over all I'm happy with the system.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from Canada on
5 Stars
Awesome! My husband was so happy!
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from North Carolina on
5 Stars
Outstanding system and service. I would recommend it for anyone who grew up with the NES.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from USA on
5 Stars
Looks and works great! A flashback to the time we played with the kids when we had a new unit!
Reviewed by: from Summerville, SC on
3 Stars
Buyer Beware
So all in all, the NES system is great. It came on time, and had all the pieces in good condition. That wasn't the problem. The problem is in the system's playability. First off, LIGHT GUNS DONT WORK ON FLAT SCREEN TVS!!! This should be in big letters in the description of the product. Now I have to go out and buy a whole new (old) tv just to play this thing. The rest of the system works on a flat screen, but then there's some more problems. The next big issue is due to the new pins, the cart port is REALLY TIGHT. I mean shoving the carts in to the point of where you think they're being damaged, then having to pull them back out with pliers tight. It's scary. Especially if you're wanting to play some of the rarer titles. I just won't risk it. Next, the paddles are semi responsive. The A and B buttons don't always want to work, and the thumb pads don't always respond to the direction you want them to go. (I was playing Contra, and it wouldn't let me lay down. It kept running me diagonally down and to the right. I got killed every time.) You're better off shelling out some extra cash and picking up a NES Advantage joystick. (Which Lukie does sell, when they're not sold out.) Also, shipping was an issue. Make not that if you pay for overnight shipping, it goes UPS the next day. You're better off doing 2 day shipping through USPS. My free stuff I got with Lukie points arrived before my order, and I paid $40 more for overnight shipping and was told that if I go into their policies it clearly states this (so no refund or discount or even Lukie points to make up for the misunderstanding). Fine, then let my stupidity be a heads up to you. Overall, this is the system to buy if you're going to buy a NES from Lukie. The regular system doesn't have all the bells and whistles, but considering you might have to buy new controllers, and the light gun doesn't work, it may be better to you to just buy the plain system and just get Mario with Lukie points.
Reviewed by: from Kansas City on

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