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007 Legends
007 Legends
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007 Legends

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007 Legends Nintendo Wii U Game. Guaranteed to work and backed by Lukie Games 90 day no questions asked returns policy.

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3 Stars
More of the Movie, Please!
I’m someone who likes video game adaptations that came from movies. This one has its moments but It’s not quite grand. This game is a compilation of the most iconic scenes from the James Bond movies, from Goldfinger to Skyfall, using the likeness of Daniel Craig, though his voice not from him. With that said, each of the movies you play through are shortened versions of the actual movies, with a lot more gunfighting. Plus, aside from the replay value in 100% and multiplayer, the game is kind of short overall. Speaking of multiplayer, in this version of the game, you can use the Pro Controller in only the multiplayer of the game, but single player can only use the GamePad. The use of the GamePad isn’t half bad, both as a controller and using the touchscreen to use various gadgets. There’s a fair amount sections that handle stealth well, and moments where there’s constant gunfighting. And there are plenty of moments for you to whip out the guns/gadgets. Other interesting mechanics include being able to equip attachments at certain points in the levels at briefcases, and simple matchup puzzles; though the puzzle could’ve been better. Though giving credit, the game does try to throw an interesting twist here and there, though if you don’t know what to do you will find yourself starting at a checkpoint. Getting back to replay value, there’s various optional missions for the player to do and collectables to find. Though a gripe with this is that the optional missions don’t always feel to be presented clear enough (they just happen when you arrive to said place), and many collectibles are in some obscure places. The game is okay, but I think it might’ve been better if the stories were more full adaptations of the movies. I don’t mind a “best of” kind of game, but with all of the movies being reduced to the most “iconic” moments, doesn’t allow for people to get invested in the stories because they kind of come and go. The moment you would want to get invested in any story tends to end when you don’t expect it; or at least if you haven’t seen the movies yet. But even with that said, it would’ve been nice to see this be more like the Chicken Little (2005 Disney movie) video game adaptation, where it does a nice job at adapting the story to a video game medium, yet nothing felt out of place when it came to how it was presented. That’s not to say what 007 Legends did was bad, but that it could’ve been more about the whole stories.
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