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Blood Wake
Blood Wake
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Blood Wake

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Blood Wake Xbox Game

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Action & Adventure


Microsoft Xbox


NTSC (N. America)



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Customer Reviews

5 Stars
Blood wake
It came in great condition. Very happy with this site.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from Lake Orion on
5 Stars
Blood Wake
Great condition and great price!
Reviewed by: from Holland on
3 Stars
Blood Wake
I waited a long time to pick this one up, its a pretty cool game where combat takes place in the water on supped up speed boats, the story is kind of lame but the action more than makes up for it with really nice water physics, Very decent and fun to play.
Reviewed by: from NC on
5 Stars
Good condition
Received the game as described in great condition. Works with no issues and no damage to cd
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from Magnolia on
5 Stars
Boats & Guns Galore
Drive around on water shooting other boats and objects to advance missions. Who would not enjoy that? This game is AWESOME!
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from Missouri on
5 Stars
Awesome game. Works great
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from Lumberton on
5 Stars
A hidden Gem
This is frankly one of my favorite games ever on the first Xbox, I was so sad when it wasn't comparable with the 360! Its very much like a Space sim type game, only your ship is on the water, you take down bigger warships and raid ports, everything looks and feels great, and has a fun multi-player mode as well. I can not recommend it enough.
Reviewed by: from Moscow on
4 Stars
Abandon Ship!!!!!
single player was fun but this game is great for couch co-op and some beers.
Reviewed by: from Oakland on
5 Stars
Fun, fun, fun......
This was the first game I purchased in 2001 (followed shortly by Halo). It was the physics of this game that made me a true fan of Microsoft. The game is fun. Thanks Lukie Games for the quick process and delivery of my order.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from Denver, CO on
5 Stars
"Blood Wake" Crimson Skies in boats.
I have always enjoyed this game and the fact that it's boats has always intrigued me. The gameplay is a lot of fun and the levels range from easy to difficult and you unlock different boats as you progress for use during levels and multi player battles. You don't upgrade anything you are just given a boat and an objective and away you go. There are levels where you have to destroy ammunition stockpiles, protect or destroy bases, protect and escort fleets or destroy fleets. The game really is a lot of fun and it may not be for everyone but you're missing out if you don't play it at least once. There are also codes that take all challenge and fun out of the game if that is the type of thing that toots your horn.
Reviewed by: from Redmond, Washington on

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