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Bomberman 64 the Second Attack
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Bomberman 64 the Second Attack

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Of the great discoveries in the universe, few are more important than the legendary 8 elements. When the evil Rukifellth found one of these elements - the powerful Celestial Stone - he used his influence to assemble the dreaded BHB Army. Bomberman and his new companion Pommy are back in a new explosive action-adventure for the Nintendo 64. Returning from a vacation at luxurious Hot Springs Planet Ksa2 after his first adventure, Bomberman finds Planet Bomber in disarray. Bomberman and Pommy must destroy the gravity generators on each planet and capture the seven powerful stones that provide Rukifellth with the power to do wrong.

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Action & Adventure


Nintendo 64


NTSC (N. America)



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Customer Reviews

5 Stars
Just as I remember it!
the first time I played this game was about 13ish years ago and couldn't find another copy after mine was damaged in a fire. found one on here and it plays perfectly as I remember from back then! the campaign story is quite straight forward and enjoyable (not a 2 player campaign without pommy constantly falling asleep) but the multi player if definately a great way to spend quite a few hours on with friends on any given day! the cartridge didn't have a single scuff on it, all of the contacts were almost perfectly polished and loaded instantly with all of my n64 consoles! tempted to buy another copy as a back up! Thanks Lukie Games!
Reviewed by: from Dawson City on
4 Stars
Great Game!; Insanely Hard to Find
This game is one of the hardest to find games in the North American N64 library, and its price reflects its rarity! The game came in excellent condition, and suffered from no scuffs or damage. The game works excellently, and is one of my crowning jewels of my collection. The game itself is acceptably playable, and has probably the best multiplayer variant of Bomberman on the N64 (particularly because of the grid-based bomb explosion... I didn't like it in Bomberman 64). I haven't played the story for very long, but it was nice to have some kind of co-op play in it (since Player 2 can play as Pommy). Overall, it's decent, but certainly not worth the cost. That all being said, it's a collectors item over a playable game, and should only be purchased if you're trying to 100% the entire collection.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada on

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