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Bubsy 3D
Bubsy 3D
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Bubsy 3D

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Bubsy 3D Sony Playstation Game

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Action & Adventure


Playstation 1


NTSC (N. America)



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Customer Reviews

4 Stars
Not Worthy of "Worst Game Ever"
The Bubsy games haven’t been best received games, but this game is somehow the most infamous. Despite being received more or less the same as its predecessors (though with more polarizing results) when it first released, it became regarded as one of the worst games of all time. Out of curiosity, I decided to see what this game was about firsthand. And what I found odd was that this game just didn’t feel even close to that title. The story is simple: Bubsy has been kidnapped by the Wollies (his archenemies), and while being taken back to their planet, technical difficulties happen and Bubsy has escaped. The ultimate goal is to collect all of the Rockets in every level (2 in each level) and beat the game with all of them. The game doesn’t quite have technical issues as far as its concerned; with it having pretty nice loading times and a stable framerate. The graphics are simplistic (and could’ve been more complex to better illustrate different levels with (according to their images) themes) but are colorful and you know where you are going. However, I’m not saying this game is perfect. For starters, aside from a (little too simple) tutorial in the first level, the game doesn’t illustrate and explain a lot of the game’s mechanics in the game. Instead, a lot of what you would like to know is in the manual. One could argue that the game doesn’t want to hold your hand, but some mechanics would benefit from a brief explanation. But aside from that is an even worse problem: four different enemies. In the water levels are the Dogfish and Ripplers (starfish). These enemies attack so spontaneously (when near them), that it can come across as jumpscare. Another two annoying enemies are the Hummers and the Screenges that appear in the later land levels. Screenges move fast and you can’t defeat them by normal means, forcing you to always avoid them. Hummers also have the habit of attacking in a sudden fashion as they fly fast, also making them annoying. The game also doesn’t give you many favors with the controls it gives you when dealing with these enemies, with no warning to allow you to dodge the attacks in the most efficient manner. The controls aren’t bad, but with enemies that attack without warning, it gets a bit frustrating. But even with that said, the game is more competent than what others may give the game credit for. A lot of the mechanics works and there was at least some level of consideration and care that went into this game.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from Edwardsburg, MI on
1 Stars
The worst game I've ever played.
Horrible. Just, please, don't buy it.
Reviewed by: from Behind you. on

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