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Atari Jaguar System
Atari Jaguar System
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Atari Jaguar System

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Used Atari Jaguar System!

This bundle includes -
  • Atari Jaguar System
  • One controller
  • AC Adapter
  • RF Unit
This system has been tested and is guaranteed to work!

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Atari Jaguar


NTSC (N. America)



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Customer Reviews

4 Stars
Some gems buried in the heap
The Jaguar has a very strange mix of games. A large number are basic ports from the Genesis or the Amiga, and so don't look terribly impressive. However, there are a few original gems such as Tempest 2000 or Iron Soldier that are specific to the Jaguar and do look and play great. The Jaguar used to be dirt-cheap years ago, but in the last several years it has really zoomed up in value as its reputation has improved.
Reviewed by: from Port Angeles on
5 Stars
Atari Jaguar
The system works great. Easily the underdog of its time. I always wanted one when I was a kid. I received my system complete, and both my games boot up as they should. My Jag is now the crown jewel of my collection. Now off to find some more games!
Reviewed by: from Huntingdon on
5 Stars
Fantastic System
I received my jaguar in like new condition. I was pleasantly surprised of what a great system the jaguar is, and the games for the time have amazing 3d graphics. I would say the only downside is the lack of big title games but there are some great hidden gems on the system. Alien vs. Predator complete is a must buy, also canon fodder, roller coaster tycoon are great games.
Reviewed by: from usa on
2 Stars
The Jaguar came in great shape works fine. In a generation of consoles that had the 3DO, Virtual Boy and the Amiga CD32, this one stands out as the stinker of the bunch, or is it? Despite not having the games that the saturn does. The Jag is easily comparable to the 3DO when it comes to quality of games, maybe even slightly higher as I doesn't have the volume of FMV games the 3DO does. The graphics are on par, and some of the 2D games are simply fantastic on the Jag. Rayman looks better than his Saturn counterpart. Tempest 2000 is a horribly addictive game. Zool 2 should stick to AmigaCD32 but who wants that? All in all, while not the quality of the PSX, Saturn or N64, it still is a nice addition for any collectors. And you have to love the "Have you played atari today?" Jingle at startup
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from Canada on
5 Stars
The system came within a week of purchasing it, and works great. This was also the best price I could find on the web, so definitely a good buy!
Reviewed by: from Medford on
3 Stars
This was a good system in 1993
When this game system was released in 1993, it was a pretty good system. Some people think it sucked but it had potential. The game 'Doom' alone proved that. But I don't believe that it's 64 Bit like Atari claimed. I think it's 32 Bit. A man who works with video game systems examined the guts of an Atari Jaguar and the Sega 32X and he said the hardware in both are exactly the same. One thing that isn't good is that at least two or three of the Jaguar games look like 16 Bit games. Pitfall:The Mayan Adventure and Checkered Flag are two of those games. By today's standards, this system is antiquated. But you'll have to admit that back in 1993, it was impressive.
Reviewed by: from Tennessee on

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