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Clubhouse Games DS Game
Clubhouse Games DS Game
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Clubhouse Games DS Game

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Clubhouse Games Nintendo DS Game

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Customer Reviews

5 Stars
good :)
i like :)
Reviewed by: from lakeland on
5 Stars
Another gem of the DS
If you have the opportunity to nab this game at a sale price, it is absolutely worth your time. It is a simple yet engaging collection of classic table games, from cultures near and far. Each of the 42 games have well-written guides to the rules and hints/tips that can lead anyone, no matter how new to the game, into understanding of how it works and give them a fair shot at winning. If you're a fan of card games, they are particularly well done and there is a good variety. And the great part about learning card games through Clubhouse Games is that you can come back able to play any of those card games in real life, as long as you've got some friends and a standard deck of cards! Speaking of multiplayer, it is done phenomenally here—DS Download Play compatibility means that anyone with a DS (up to 8 people!) can wirelessly connect to your game and compete alongside you. Clubhouse Games can make for an easy game night with family and friends or just a fun way to learn some classic games on your own. The game even provides you with incentives to try out new games, with two campaign-esque modes called Stamp and Mission that give you different challenges to overcome in all of the 42 games. This is all without mentioning the fantastic presentation of the games in general; a variety of catchy, smooth lounge music to accompany each game, excellent visual effects and user interface, satisfying sound design, and an overall comfy, fun aesthetic throughout the menus and games. Oh yeah, and the multiplayer has a built-in Pictochat function. It's true that you're probably less than two feet from the person you're playing with, but it's still a really neat touch. Especially because you can be drawing or writing messages whenever your opponent might be taking a particularly long turn overthinking their next move. Overall, this game has all the character and quirkiness that I've come to love about much of the Nintendo DS game library. A great game for all DS owners, and not to be overlooked by Nintendo DS nor board game enthusiasts!
Reviewed by: from California, USA on
5 Stars
Thank you very satisfied
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from NC on
5 Stars
Parent and gamer
Got it for my son and he liked it
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from st.Louis on
3 Stars
Club House Games DS
Good variety of games..Hidden Object Games is not good because its to small and in black + white.
Reviewed by: from Maine on
5 Stars
Clubhouse Games
Arrived on time, in good shape. Great price.
Reviewed by: from Toronto, Ontario on

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