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Dark Rift
Dark Rift
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Dark Rift

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Dark Rift delivers hyper-active 3D fighting with a sci-fi theme! Dark Rift takes place far in the future, sometime after the events of Criticom. Gameplay spans three dimensions: the Neutral Dimension, the Dark Dimension, and the Light Dimension. Compete against eight exotic and powerful characters and two very large bosses. Motion captured character animations enhance the realism. The arsenal includes multiple-hit combos, back-crunching grabs, juggles, projectiles, and punishing special moves. Tune into individual character stereo sound tracking. Fight in Tournament, 2-Player or Training modes.

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Nintendo 64


NTSC (N. America)



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Customer Reviews

5 Stars
dark rift
Great condition good game to play like the first soulcalabir
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from ontario on
4 Stars
Something important about this game
Well, I don't know if it has happened to someone else...So here's the problem: This game(in my case)doesn't work when the N64 is connected to a modern flatscreen TV with RCA cables. When I turn on the N64, it's like if there is no signal, nothing happens on the TV screen. In my case it stays blue and says "no signal". It can't be a problem with the N64 power source because the red light is on (otherwise, the light would be off) and it is not a problem with the TV. I then tried something else: I connected the N64 with its original coaxial cable (a NES RF Switch with the N64 RF modulator) to a tube-style TV and it worked like a charm. The game doesn't work if I connect the N64 with RCA cables to the tube-style TV. The game only works when I connect the N64 to the tube-style TV with the coaxial cable. That's the only way I found to make the game work properly. So I hope this helps, if ever someone is in (or get in) the same situation as me :) So now i've got two copies of this game because I thought that my cartridge was broken but in fact, it wasn't. It was only because of this problem. But anyways, the cartridge I bought here is in great condition and works very well (of course, only when I do as I wrote above)
Reviewed by: from Montreal, Canada on
3 Stars
Good for a laugh
This game is ok. There are not a lot of good characters but is really fun to play with and laugh with how cheesy this game was made. Also this game is a little so in game play.
Reviewed by: from BAKERSFIELD, CA on

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