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Duke Nukem Time to Kill
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Duke Nukem Time to Kill

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Duke Nukem Time to Kill Sony Playstation Game

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Action & Adventure


Playstation 1


NTSC (N. America)



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Customer Reviews

4 Stars
Duke Nukem: A Time to Kill
Actually this was not for me, but i have played it before. I don't care much for First Person Shooting games, however ya gotta love the Duke. He's A#1 lol When you combine the humor and decent game play, it becomes pretty enjoyable. The price wasn't bad either. "Hail to the king baby!??????
Reviewed by: from pennsylvania on
4 Stars
Duke Nukem in his Good Years
so obviously, the game may not have aged well... i think that is rather unfortunate for most ps1 games, but it doesn't mean they aren't fun. at first, it may be a bit tricky to understand the controls, like you have to hit circle to put your gun away before you climb a ladder, though it's cool game developers thought of things like that back then for added "realism"... i died a couple times trying to figure out the controls but if you haven't gone too far it's reasonable as a death can result in a retry without taking one of your lives. yeah i haven't gotten too far into the game, basically just learned the controls and killed a couple pig alien things, but i can already tell this game isn't going to disappoint. 4/5 stars cuz i don't know a lot about the game yet, so just playing it safe.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from Outer, Space on
5 Stars
Great nastalgic feelings
I remember when this game first came out, a long time ago. And thanks to this great website, I can buy it again for a really low price and remember moments that I had when I played it in the past, the first 3rd person Duke!
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from Ga. on
5 Stars
game arrived quickly and works great, disc is in perfect condition Im happy with the service thank you Lukie Games for offering such great products.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from Kingston, Ont. on
4 Stars
not my flavor
This game looks cool but when you actually play it, it has some serious flaws. Most people enjoy duke nukem so i wont trash the game. It just needs a better design so you can get more cover and not die the first 3 seconds in the game.
Reviewed by: from Illinois on
5 Stars
A better kick ass Duke, and for this price its a STEAL!!
I was disappointed in Duke Nukem Forever , so i ventured on line to see if there were any Duke games for the ps1. When i found this, and looked up the gameplay, i know this would be awesome. When this is back in stock buy this game you won't regret it, i mean come on, on other sites its like 30-40 bucks. I would rather go with 8-9. :D
Reviewed by: from New Jersey on

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