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Extermination Sony Playstation 2 Game

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Action & Adventure


Playstation 2


NTSC (N. America)



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Customer Reviews

5 Stars
Great Game
I believe this game is great. It was the first servival horror game for the PS2 and was basically a promo type. However it was really fun. So fun I played it twice in a row. The story line is great and the cinematics are good too. With it being the first of the genre for PS2 don't judge it poorly it really is a great game that's fun to play. Good detail was put in this game and the music is good too. It doesn't have a difficulty selection but plays between hard and extreme. It's worth every penny it cost. You won't be disappointed with this game at all and there's lots of action. It's never boring and not confusing. Once you get acquainted with the layout it becomes much easier. The main character in this game don't walk, he's full speed ahead and sometimes can be frustrating trying to get him through a door but once you get how he moves that too becomes more easy. I rate this game 5 stars and it deserves it. There's not zombies in this game but instead people are mutated into monsters as a virus spreads rapidly. I believe you won't be disappointed with this game.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from Toledo on
3 Stars
Awkward but endearing.
About half way through with this one. Picked it up because I recently played through Deadly Premonition DC. Similar combat feel to DP DC only less refined, which might be putting it lightly. This game consistently controls poorly and the camera leaves you in awkward positions. That being said, the romantic interest makes the garbage voice acting hilarious, leaving the cutscenes as nice little carrots for the more awkward stretches of the game. The visuals are creepy. I found the sci fi backstory files and eerie sounds sufficient to create an immersive horror feel (to an extent). All in all no regrets.
Reviewed by: from Renton, WA on

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