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Final Fantasy Chronicles
Final Fantasy Chronicles
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Final Fantasy Chronicles

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Final Fantasy Chronicles Sony Playstation Game

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Playstation 1


NTSC (N. America)



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Customer Reviews

5 Stars
Final Fantasy Chronicles!!!
Final Fantasy 4 on the PlayStation 1 works and sounds great. Chrono Trigger on the other hand has long load times, which ruins the pacing of the game. Overall, I would definitely recommend this collection to any RPG fan.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from Arlington, Iowa on
5 Stars
FF chronicles
Delivered early, still in the wrapper. Bothe are great games that I suggest for any classic rpg fan. Lukie games is the best as always!
Reviewed by: from Georgetown on
5 Stars
Case and discs are in fantastic condition. I've beat Chrono Trigger in the past but not on the PSX. Looking forward to it. FFIV I've played before but lost my save, doh! Never been disappointed with Lukie Games. Absolute best place for your retro needs.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from Dalton,Ga on
5 Stars
Final Fantasy Chronicles
Not yet very familiar with this series but am looking forward to playing this game. Arrived in very good condition, complete with manual. Lukie is the best gaming supplier and service to Canada is excellent.
Reviewed by: from Saskatoon, Sask. Canada on
5 Stars
The game disks were in really good condition. The graphics are 16 bit on both so don't expect any 3D upgrades. This is probably the best way to play Chrono Trigger without having to buy the really expensive Super Nintendo Cartridge or finding a ROM.
Reviewed by: from San Antonio on
5 Stars
The game showed up right on time and in near mint condition. FFIV is glitchy on my ps2, but when I checked it out online I didn't see anyone else having the same problems as myself. I loaded it into my ps1 and it plays perfectly, so I'm not going to worry about it. Great games, great price, and great service!
Reviewed by: from McComb, MS on
4 Stars
Half great but half terrible...
now hear me out! i own the snes versions of FF4 (originally FF2 on the SNES) and the legendary Chrono Trigger! sounds great right? well as i mentioned before its a hit and miss. Final Fantasy 4 definitely needed the improved dialogue and sharpening of the sprites, and just vastly improved. now with the re-releases of the ps1 Final Fantasies the load times to battles are nonexistence. now Chrono Trigger on the other hand suffers. i don't know the colors in the ps1 version looks darken and dull. also battles aren't random so when everyone moves to battle there's load times and it slows down the pacing. overall FF4 deserves the updated treatment but not chrono trigger, and it suffers for it as well. get the original cart of Chrono Trigger.
Reviewed by: from Oakland, CA on
5 Stars
3xAmazing: Amazing game, Amazing Price and Amazing Condition
What to say about one of the first rpg I ever played... That most of the stores sell the game 39.99 even USED and that even if I had to wait a little more to make it ship, the prices and service of lukiegames worth the wait... You still impress me everytime I order something! Thank You! Condition of item was near mint and i received it 1 week and an half after it was no more back ordered... (that took about 3days until they had a new copy)
Reviewed by: from Québec on

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