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Final Fantasy Legend 3 III
Final Fantasy Legend 3 III
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Final Fantasy Legend 3 III

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Final Fantasy Legend 3 III Game Boy Game Cartridge Cleaned, Tested, and Guaranteed to Work!

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4 Stars
The worst in the trilogy but still an excellent game.
I first got this game back in 1996 when a friend of mine happened to run across a copy in a game exchange. He asked them to hold onto it for me and I went to get it the next day. Though this is my least favorite in the trilogy it's still a great game and actually features a more linear storyline. It takes a different turn in gameplay as well being developed by a diferent team from the first two games. In fact it was the same development team that brought us Final Fantasy Mystic Quest. The story takes place in a world that's slowly being flooded by a mysterious entity housed in a realm known as Pureland. It's up to four young people to gather the components to a mysterious vehicle, both a time machine annd spaceship, called the Talon. This is the only means by which our heroes will be able to journey to Pureland to stop the entity. As with Legend 2 you'll be joined by various supporting allies along the way. The gameplay departs somewhat from the first two games. For one thing you can jump when on the main game screen at least while you're in towns and dungeons, which will be useful since you have to avoid pits in dungeons. You also have a traditional experience-based level system. You also have Magic Points rather than spell charges. You stil have the transformation system from the first two games, but it's been expanded upon. For one thing humans and mutants can now eat meat and transform, which makes sense since your characters, who now also have default names, each start out as either a human or a mutant. I believe Arthur and Sharon are human while Gloria and Curtis are Mutants. umans can now also use magic to decent effect, though not as good as the mutants. Transformations are more complex in a way since there are several different classes. There are Beasts and Monsters, both of which require meat, and then Robots and Cyborgs, which require Parts. Even the level-up system plays into this since you won't have access to certain transformations until you reach a certain level. Then there's also the slight drawback that when you reach a certain level your monster, beast, robot or cyborg may automatically transform, usually to the next monster within its particular group. The problem is that this may not always be an upgrade since you might lose abilities you like. Audio wise the game is quite different from its prequels and indeed this change took a while to grow on me. The intro theme and the battle victory theme are still the same as the first two games but they've been remixed to include percussion. Those are the only two themes you'll hear from the prior games. The rest of the music is also more percussion based. It's not quite as entrancing to me as the soundtracks of the first two games but it fits the much darker storyline. The sound effects are all new and, like the music may take a while to grow on you. But again they fit the events they're used for. So all in all this is a worthy addition to anyone's Game Boy collection, particularly if one happens to be a fan of RPG's.
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