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Fire Emblem Path of Radiance
Fire Emblem Path of Radiance
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Fire Emblem Path of Radiance

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Fire Emblem: Path Of Radiance leads you into the life of a young soldier who'll become a hero, in a world filled with political unrest and class struggle. Ike is inexperienced and untested, but he'll rise to the challenges he faces while the country of Daein invades the nation of Crimea. To make things more difficult, a new race called the laguz are aiding you in battle -- but humans and laguz don't trust each other, even though they fight together. Work to form a bond with other units - talk with them after each battle to gain support.

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Customer Reviews

5 Stars
Good Quality
I've wanted to own this game for years once I became a big Fire Emblem fan with the 3DS games. I was reluctant to purchase this game second-hand due to its being prohibitively expensive, but I finally took the plunge and bought from Luke games. I was relieved to find it works perfectly in my Gamecube!
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from Pittsburgh on
5 Stars
The best way I can describe this is awesome. I wasn't sure id ever get this game because of the price and here was low enough that I could add the game to my ever growing collection of Fire Embelm games.
Reviewed by: from New Auburn on
5 Stars
Item arrived quickly! Was in pristine condition. My kid LOVES it.
Reviewed by: from Morris Plains on
5 Stars
Like new!
Game came in perfect condition and I'm just excited to add this to my collection! A must have for hardcore fans of Fire Emblem! I say hardcore because this game is pricey, no matter where you find it, but if buy from Lukie Games, you are guaranteed a quality copy!
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from Dover NH on
5 Stars
It's Fantastic
Highly recommended to anyone who's into Fire Emblem, curious about it, or just played Smash and thought Ike was cool. This is a great game for beginners of FE, but I think veterans will also have a great time with this game's awesome story, endearing characters, and challenging but fair gameplay. Several parts of this game legitimately reduced me to tears. The disc I ordered from this site came quickly, and looked a little scratched. But it worked fine in my decade-and-half old Wii without any problems. This game also features one of gaming's best villains, and the boss fight with him is ten times more fun an exciting than you'd ever think a single foe could be in a strategy game. My only criticisms are that the final boss fight (not with the villain mentioned above) is kinda lame, the game takes its time getting things rolling in the beginning, and they give you way too many fun characters for your team that you can't possibly use all of. But that's a good flaw to have, and the beginning gives you plenty of time to learn how the mechanics and strategy elements work, and set up the story beats that will pay off later. Just don't expect to have your mind blown right away. This game is also a tad easier than other Fire Emblem games (especially it's equal). Whether that's good or bad for you I can't really say. Permadeath is in this game and you cannot turn it off. I love this personally, as it makes every decision matter in the core gameplay in a way that other role-playing games like Mass Effect can only dream of. Characters dying will also affect the story to a small degree. One last thing I should mention for anyone curious is that this game requires you to do math. Not hard math, just 1-2 digit addition and subtraction, but you're gonna need to do lots of those little calculations if you want to make informed strategic decisions. Or just fling people around on the lowest difficulty. I've tried to say all of the things that might turn one off this game so they don't end up being disappointed, but this game is a fantastic experience. For anyone interested in strategy games, fantasy rpgs, well-told archetypal stories, Fire Emblem, or just Ike himself, this is worth it.
Reviewed by: from Toronto on

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