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Hot Wheels World Race
Hot Wheels World Race
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Hot Wheels World Race

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Get ready for an all-new Hot Wheels racing experience on your favorite game system! Welcome to a world where life revolves around the Hot Wheels World Race circuit--a series of races involving treacherous jumps, challenging competition, and death-defying loops. Do you have what it takes to master these obstacles and win the Hot Wheels World Race event? Drive the impossible!

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Nintendo Gamecube


NTSC (N. America)



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3 Stars
Story Please?
How do I light‘em up before the motor starts? Well, with Nitrox2! This game is based on the 2003 television series and movie of similar names. As an adaptation, it’s kind of on the shallow side in terms of story. The Instruction Booklet and opening cutscene explain the general situation of what’s going on, but that’s about it. The first thing you will want to do is start the (oddly named) challenge mode, which is the quick and simple tutorial of this game. There are other smaller modes such as quick race and time trial, but what appears to be the most interesting mode is the league mode. In league mode, there’s a rookie, veteran, and elite difficulty, each one more difficult than the last. The racing gameplay is basic, but it works well enough. Well, except I’ve rarely needed to use the handbrake mechanic, as making turns with it didn’t feel too satisfying. The most interesting part about the gameplay using Nitrox2 to jump from ramps. You earn Nitrox2 by performing tricks and landing them well enough and by collecting glowing rings. Boosting off of these ramps leads to bigger jumps and opportunities for shortcuts. And as you unlock more stages in league mode, the stages do require more precision with the landing to launch off of these ramps consecutively. Another nice touch is that every time you start a trick, a two-button command prompt appears, and if you do this three times with decent landings, you gain a speed boost. The biggest downfall of this game is with its story: there isn’t quite one. There’s just the manual and an opening cutscene for context. I know a fair amount of video games have simple stories, but this game could’ve been a bit more. There could’ve been a story mode (taken from the source material) that followed some episodes or the movie loosely. Without a story, the game feels a bit lifeless in this regard. Because as being an adaptation of something with a story, it ends up feeling like something is just missing from this game. It doesn’t need to be ambitious or anything (in particular with the small scope of the game), but it could’ve been a bit more. Sonic Riders, for example, has a simple story mode to give the game some life, a world grand prix mode, and even a mission mode for you to do and a bit more. It would’ve been awesome if this game had that. Or at least, not feel so small in scale. Overall, it’s a decent game with a few interesting ideas, but not much to have it stand out.
Reviewed by: from Edwardsburg, MI on
3 Stars
It aight
It's a pretty generic racing game, but it's not half bad. Relative to the gamecube shovelware titles, it fares well. I picked it up because I hadn't played it since I was a kid, I loved this Hotwheels stuff. My brother and I had fun trying to get through the campaign mode, which was more difficult than we expected. The trick/boost system makes it more difficult and enjoyable. Multiplayer mode is locked at the start, which was a bad habit for games around this time. Not very deep or rewarding, but it's fun for a quick go.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from Ontario on
4 Stars
Hot Wheels World Race
If you like the World Race movie you will like this game it has lots of the cars from the movie its pretty easy to play and lots of fun for my son.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from Fort worth Texas on

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