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King's Knight
King's Knight
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King's Knight

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King's Knight original NES Nintendo Game cartridge only - Cleaned Tested and Guaranteed to Work!

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Nintendo NES


NTSC (N. America)



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Customer Reviews

5 Stars
So your 4 main heroes are your lives?
Game Condition: 100% (Game Only) -> NES Game Review: King's Knight It's funny how the game starts it off with just you being thrown into to the adventure right away, and the only life bar you have? is at the top of the screen however, if you die? you lose that hero and can't revive them. i've only beat stage 1 before i am given the turn to control the 2nd hero known as the Wizard..... to say the least, but if you lose him>? you now have to contend using the Dragon..... and Boy afterwards..... But i like a challenge, as for many out there that think this game is bad? yeah think again buddy. This game not only does it award you with how to balance your movements but also allows you to use what you got and see it through with a strategy of your own. and it works, trust me. Fun Fact: Given to what this game is>?? It's a story about a Knight, Wizard, Dragon and Boy who are on a quest to save the princess. Not much to say about it. But it does come with Upgrades and Secrets to Uncover in order to Level your char. Stats and it could be a drag at first but knowing this? is a key element that makes the game even more decent for your Auto-Scrolling Adventure with tons of Melee weapons and more to combat the evil forces. And save the princess. As you beat a stage? you advance to the next Stage, but you don't play as the hero you beat the stage with, instead you are chosen to play as the next hero in line. that or until that hero you died with begins your journey without you. Quite Confusing isn't it? But it is however you choose to beat the game with and with all of them or with just you as a solo player. You don't get to pick them from the start, they are selected in order whenever you Die, or Advance to the next stage. And their are Four Heroes in total. perhaps you get different endings>? who knows. But it does come with Eerie Nice Soundtracks and Nice Sprite Monster Elements. P.S. That being said, it is a Good NES Game.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from San Antonio on
5 Stars
King's Night
Nice shooter game. Like mostly Capcom did a great job. Also delivered in perfect condition thanks to Lukie games. ??
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from Rotterdam on
5 Stars
This game sucks I would buy it somewhere else Luki games prices of gotten way too high
Reviewed by: from Win on
5 Stars
Love Lukie
Ordered this game and they accidentally sent me the wrong game contacted them they took care of the problem very quickly and to 100% satisfaction I've been buying from this website for a few years and I'm always happy with the service this was the first mix up ever but the customer service that handled the issue was amazing with fixing the problem and quickly resolving the problem thanks lukie will continue to order from lukie for all my retro needs!!!
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from Philadelphia on
4 Stars
Confusing but somewhat enjoyable.
This game in essence is a shooter where your character advances constantly forward until he/she/it reaches it objective. Along your route to that you are beset by monsters and mountains. How do you cope? You blast them and destroy all in your path while picking up powerups with questionable use. There isn't much story, really there isn't, unless its in the manual which I don't have. Lack of story doesn't make the game less fun, its great if you just feel the need to destroy stuff. Its an alright shooter game.
Reviewed by: from Savannah on

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