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Last Remnant
Last Remnant
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Last Remnant

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Last Remnant Xbox 360 Game

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Microsoft Xbox 360


NTSC (N. America)



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Customer Reviews

5 Stars
Love this game with mods??
Nice game?? Plus you mod to get unlimited gold and etc.Shout out to lukie games good condition played wonderful???????
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from Richmond Va,also Washington Dc on
5 Stars
Last Remnant
This is a fun game and one that should be in every serious gamer's RPG collection. The game disc, booklet and case arrived in like new condition and of course I would never expect anything less from Lukie Games.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from Bucyrus,Ohio on
4 Stars
Epic Battles
A great RPG that brings good story and great shift system with epic battles, even with technical problems, worth every penny and time invested.
Reviewed by: from Brazil on
5 Stars
Last Remnant
This is an Excellent game, especially so for those who are into RPG's, it may be a bit difficult for someone new to them however it does offer help when you start playing, the game uses a unique style for battle in which you can have up to 25 people on your side in one battle who are divided into up to 5 different squads that can each have their own formation, unlike many rpg's this game does not focus on leveling up to become stronger rather the more you fight the better your stats become, you gain new skills and evolve your skills the same way by using them in battle, and though the use of certain items you can gain new types of skills such as the ability to use poisons as well as magic, the guilds in the game offer up a large amount of quests to complete for rewards of rare materials, money, formations and more, also you can accept quests from people in the taverns some of who you will be able to recruit at a guild after completing a certain quest for them,more areas are unlocked as you progress though the game, however some of these require you to actually explore the world to find them, both the graphics and the story are quite good,with alot of attention payed to the detail of the characters and scenery, despite me saying all this there is no better way to describe this game than to suggest that you buy it and try it for yourself, if you like rpg's then this game definitely won't disappoint. Good luck and hope you enjoy it (oh, and beware the rare monsters that you can come across they can put up one heck of a fight, but is always worth it if you should win)
Reviewed by: from Claresholm, Alberta on

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