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Lufia II 2
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Lufia II 2

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Lufia II 2 SNES Super Nintendo Game Cartridge Cleaned Tested and Guaranteed to Work!

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Super Nintendo


NTSC (N. America)



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Customer Reviews

5 Stars
Great game great copy
It’s a great game and great copy in awesome condition I recommend this website shipping was very fast very quick even for 4 to 10 days normal shipping it was a great find for my Super Nintendo collection
Reviewed by: from Home on
5 Stars
Lufia 2 is among the Top 5 RPGs on the SNES
The BEST obscure RPG for the SNES. Lufia II completes the RPG top 5 for this console : Chrono Trigger / Final Fantasy 4&6 / Breath of Fire / and Lufia 2 The graphics are great and the battle interface is somewhat between Dragon Warrior and Final Fantasy Mystic Quest. The adventure is of epic proportions requiring at least 40 hours of gameplay, but a 100% explored game might go around 80 hours, if you want to level "pets" that can be Evolved through levelling and feeding them, or try earning all the items in the 'casino'. There is a core of main characters and a revolving cast of allies that change during the game, and once you have completed it, there is a second game mode with 200% XP earned from enemies when you start the game over. Did you know you could defeat the Sinistral 'Gades' the first time you encounter him if you have levelled enough? He then drops his weapon and runs aways in a cut-animation. (Did this in 95, could not believe they'd programmed 2 endings to the fight!) So all in all there are challenges and more things to discover adding replay value to an already spectacular RPG. For the hardcore players : There is a 100 level dungeon that has its own environment/Equipment where you always start at level 1 and progress, only keeping certain items for next runs, and has many unique items that can be found only in this location. This is a "Diablo"-like mode where the dungeon changes every time you enter it. Akin to the Chrysler Building in Parasite Eve, or the good old Rogue-type of games like Gauntlet!!! 9.5/10 > Try this game if you love RPGs.
Reviewed by: from Quebec on
4 Stars
One of the last RPGs for the system, Lufia II is well done but not quite as good as earlier RPGs. The story is good but can drag on a bit, the translation is okay, and the map designs are fine. Capsule monsters are a great feature for Pokemon fans, and the puzzles make this an interesting mix of Zelda and final fantasy gameplay. There are a bunch of playable characters but they're all pretty similar. Still a good game worth the time.
Reviewed by: from NJ on

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