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MotorStorm is the world's most brutal off-road racing event, where the goal is to win at all costs. Choose from seven vehicle types, from dirt bikes to big rigs, and destroy anything that gets in your way in a sprint to the finish. With "real-time deforming terrain" the terrain gets torn up with each passing vehicle, causing each lap to be different. Destroy anything that gets in your way. Smash your opponents and view spectacular Hollywood-style crash sequences. AI opponents simulate human traits, like showing off, attacking, taunting, and doing whatever it takes to win.

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Customer Reviews

5 Stars
Game just as I remember. Arrive in good time and good condition. Would buy from Luckie again.
Reviewed by: from Tennessee on
1 Stars
HIGHLY Overrated...
Instead of going for a well-written review, I'm going to just go through the list of things that frustrated me while playing Motorstorm. 1. The handling model sucks. 2. The rubberbanding AI...this is what bad programmers use to make up for poor artificial intelligence. That means if you drive great, the AI will get speed boosts, if you drive poorly, they'll slow down. You know that feeling when you pull a perfect lap and there is no one remotely close behind you? Yeah, not happening here because the rubberbanding happening. 3. The physics are atrocious. Slow speed bumps send you flying. An AI motorcycle pushing your big rig out of the way. These are two of the most egregious in a long list of examples. 4. The graphics are brown. The game looks good in screenshots. But in motion, the motion blur and just...brown...make seeing things a bit hard. More so when EVEN WHEN YOU ARE IN THE LEAD YOU GET RANDOM MUD OBSCURING YOUR VIEW...and I do mean 75% of the screen caked with a mud effect. Did no one play test this and have the nerve to say "umm, guys, this bit sucks, we should ditch it"? 5. The track design is uninspired at best and bad at worst. Seriously, there aren't any "this needs to be in the sequel" tracks. They all are kinda poorly designed and not fun. 6. The LACK of tracks. Single digit amount of tracks included. Wouldn't be as much of an issue if the included tracks were all classics, but they're not so the lack of tracks is just amplified, though to be fair, this is possibly a positive, since more tracks that also suck is likely the outcome so maybe this really isn't a negative. There are really more negatives but honestly, I've already spent way more words than this game deserves. I wanted to love Motorstorm. I regretted not picking it up when it was released and I kept on at it thinking "I should really snag this game". Now, I wish I'd have just skipped it as I was completely disappointed. It's one of the most disappointing gaming experiences I've ever had and I don't understand how this gets positive reviews. Avoid it at all costs.
Reviewed by: from Williamson, WV on
5 Stars
Motor storm
Very fun game
Reviewed by: from Middletown on
5 Stars
Awesome racer
Great arcade off-road racing game. Good graphics and solid controls. The soundtrack has some awesome tunes. Great all around game
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from Mcrae on
5 Stars
Fun Game
This game is a riot to play. Graphics are so-so, but the action is fantastic.
Reviewed by: from Dearborn Heights, Michigan on
2 Stars
Disappointed this is not a two player game
Reviewed by: from ENUMCLAW on
5 Stars
One of the first great PS3 games!
I remember playing Motorstorm for the first time on a ps3 at circuit city. It was actually the first time I had seen a ps3 game and it blew my mind. Graphics don't really impress anymore but that arcade racing gameplay never gets old.
Reviewed by: from Oklahoma City on
5 Stars
Awesome gift!!!
Cool game
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from Grayson on
5 Stars
Awesome game!
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from Wv on
5 Stars
My grandson loves it thank you lukie games!!
Reviewed by: from kegley wv on

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