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Nintendo Virtual Boy Console In Original Case
Nintendo Virtual Boy Console In Original Case
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Nintendo Virtual Boy Console In Original Case

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Enjoy Nintendo's first venture into 3D gaming with the Virtual Boy! Complete Original Virtual Boy system in case and in GREAT condition!  The photo is of the exact item you will receive!

This set includes -
  • Virtual Boy console with stand
  • Controller
  • All hookups (AC adapter/ Battery Pack)
This system has been tested and is guaranteed to work!

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Virtual Boy


NTSC (N. America)

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Customer Reviews

4 Stars
Honestly I love the virtual boy, I have three of them. (one working and two for parts) Im a collector but I do enjoy sitting down and playing it on occasion. Yes it may cause the occassional eye strain but you guys are way over dramatizing the head ache and nausea thing! I can honestly say Ive sat and played for pretty long periods of time without any headaches, not saying Ive never got one from playing it but hell you can get a headache from staring at a TV for to long..... As far as the games yeah its a short list but theres a few that are quite entertaining! I think more than anything its just something different, I really wish nintendo or any manufacture had further invested in this idea, sure theres plenty things to be worked on but it was a major curveball for gaming in 1994 and I applaud nintendo for trying something different and outside the box persay.....
Reviewed by: from Franklin County VA on
5 Stars
No actually the guy is right
The original post on this page is an realistic breakdown of what to expect from the Virtual boy. If you think you can play this system for more than 20 mins. I encourage you to try. After a month you will never touch it again, Headaches galore! The 3d Technology in the VB causes MASSIVE strain on the eye, and iv started to feel these effects as quick as 5 - 10 mins into game play. I dont use glasses my eyes are great. All in all though the Virtual boy is more now of a collectors item. A rare, wierd piece of gaming technology thats more of a conversation piece. Fun to pick up and play for a couple mins, and definatly looks nice in a collection. But thats as far as it goes. Dont buy this thinking your going to get HOURS of play out of it. People who want to buy it know about it. Your a blatant lier if you have owned the system since release and have never gotten a headache playing it.
Reviewed by: from Neverland on
5 Stars
The Black and White Awesome Machine
The guy below is a fool and a darn tool. Don't blindly listen to what others say without evaluating the situation yourself. I bet the guy hasn't even played the VB. Anyways, shifting from mindless drones to the console itself: The system itself is actually quite entertaining. It has a small library, sure, but none of the games are below mediocre. The controller is built well, and the system -like all other Nintendo systems - is built fantastically. I've had mine since the release day, and it hasn't had any problems since. Wish I could say that about my 360, eh? Oh wait, I gave that garbage away. The 3D effect is very cool, and it never ceases to amaze. And eye sickness? Well, all of that is a complete lie. If you can sit and drool at your TV for hours on end playing CoD (ugh...) or anything else without falling down with a seizure, your eyes will be fine. As for E.T. for the Atari... how long have you been playing games, fool?! E.T. is nowhere near as bad as people say it is. For an Atari game, it's quite good. Standard, but good. The only reason people say it's one of the worst games is because it was hyped to heck. If there was no hype, it wouldn't have the reputation that it has today. If you want to play the worst game of all time, go for ATV Desert Fury for the GBA, or Drake of the 99 Dragons for the Xbox. So, what can I say? It's a great system. Don't listen to fools like the one below. Most of the people who bash this classic don't even own the thing, and just blindly listen to what anyone has to say about it on the internet. Trust me - I still play Wario Land on it to this day. And the 3D effects in Jack Bros? Outstanding. All in all, a great system!
Reviewed by: from Saraque on
2 Stars
The Red & Black Nausea machine
Many before me have told of the horrors of the Virtual Boy. For every Saturn, Dreamcast, or 3DO that never quite found its audience and possibly should have - there's a Virtual Boy. This thing has no business being as bad as it is. Severe eye-strain sets in about 3 minutes in - followed by motion sickness & supreme nausea by minute 6. That didn't stop a young Chris from trying his darndest to get somewhere in Nester's Bowling or Virtual Tennis, trying to find some redeeming value in the piercing red & white eye murder before me. Sadly, I found no comfort or relief. So why pick one up? Morbid curiousity, odd nostalgia, and to own a piece of video game failure history. This thing is the Atari E.T for the mid-90's. You should buy one just to tell people you own the thing. Put it in a glass case that says "Do not touch - for Heaven's sake, Do not touch!"
Reviewed by: from Texas on

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