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Odama is a unique mix of pinball and startegy gaming. A famous general developed an ingenious weapon called the Odama -- a gigantic ball that destroys everything it strikes. Use the flippers to send Odama -- the giant pinball -- to destroy the enemy's barracks and turrets. Hit enemy soldiers with the ball to make them join your ranks, dam rivers, liberate extra flippers, and clear the way to the enemy's gate.

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Nintendo Gamecube


NTSC (N. America)



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5 Stars
When I got this game from Lukie I was impressed. Not only I got the game I got the original box, microphone, and microphone holder for the game controller. This game is unique. A war game mixed with pinball and you control your soldiers by using the microphone to go left or right. Give this game a chance and happy to have it in my gamecube collection!
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from New York on
5 Stars
Great fun and its really cheap
It's a original title from Nintendo and definitely shows that with its one of a kind game play. The Game is basically a RTS and a pinball game mashed into one. The RTS part is done with voice commands (you get a mic with the game) and the pinball part is straight forward in that you just smash enemies with giant ball and destroy obstacles in your troops way or smash something that is holding an important item that your army needs. The last thing about this game is that it is short but it is difficult and rewarding so it balances out. Oh and the voice acting is amazing too.
Reviewed by: from Riverdale, GA on
5 Stars
Strange but fun.
Ok this game is seriously really weird. It's a war game which takes place in feudal Japan. It's a cross between an RTS (real time strategy) game and pinball. Yes that's right, I'm not joking. Except that you command your troops with a mic. I'm completely sincere when I say this. The game typically comes with a mic which you attach to your gamecube controller and plug into the console( you may have to get this separately when buying from lukie, idk). You use your voice to dictate movement commands to your army. And here's where the pinball comes in. You have a "legendary weapon" known as the "odama ball." You use 2 giant flipper manned by soldiers to launch a massive magical boulder around the map to destroy the enemy. And as if that wasn't weird enough, your army carries another magic thing called the "bell of nintendo," which is carried by several of your soldiers across the map. You win by getting the bell to the top of the battlefield. This bell grants you special abilities. When you strike the bell with the Odama ball, it knocks down nearby enemies, allowing your troops to go to town. This game also features rice balls, insanely fat generals, and a Japanese adviser who insults you whenever you fail a mission. Overall-Pros: Original game design which is fun in inexplicable ways, Cons: might wake the neighbors by yelling at your controller too loud. Get this game. Seriously. It's cheap and it's original and it's really weird and really awesome.
Reviewed by: from USA on

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