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Rage Anarchy Edition
Rage Anarchy Edition
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Rage Anarchy Edition

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Rage Anarchy Edition Playstation 3 Game tested and guaranteed to work.

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First Person Shooter


Playstation 3


NTSC (N. America)



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Customer Reviews

5 Stars
Better then Borderlands
If your into Games like Borderlands then this is for you Personally Rage might be Boring at First but it gets better Later on. Its like Borderlands but its Bethesdas Version of borderlands.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from North Carolina on
2 Stars
great game just missing content
buy the regular game does not include anarchy edition
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from illinois on
5 Stars
this game is a blast. really reminds me of mad max but not shitty. came in excellent condition, as does everything from lukie, & now the 2nd one is here YAY!
Reviewed by: from nebraska on
3 Stars
Not bad. Not good. Okay.
I'll start this off by saying, as usual, the game came in great condition and within only a few days, Lukie can be trusted as always and I am always glad to shop here. As for the game itself, it's.. meh. After getting it blindly since I didn't know any other game to get and I wanted something new to try, I looked up some reviews for it. Don't believe the hype it had. It boasts "amazing" graphics and cutting edge wasteland gameplay with awesome combat and so on and so on. But really, it's okay. The graphics are mediocre at best, sometimes down right ugly since it has constant texture pop-in and pop-out, the combat can be fun at times, sometimes just tedious and repetitive, and there isn't really any free will at all. Mostly just long linear corridors with really generic visuals and confusing navigation, especially since you get no indoor map to help you, so you will get lost at times. My biggest complaint is the driving. There is so much of it and it gets so repetitive, plus the control just feels amateur at best and incredibly light. I haven't even mentioned the story yet, but to sum it up in one word.. "Generic". You will not get engaged in it unless you've never played a post-apocalyptic survival game before this one. Pretty much, the games average. Not great, not terrible, just average.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from Florida on

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