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SSX 3 Xbox Game

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Microsoft Xbox


NTSC (N. America)



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Customer Reviews

5 Stars
Great Game
A lot of fun, love the music... fantastic!
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from Orlando on
5 Stars
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from spring on
5 Stars
Great buy
This game is great fun and definitely worth the price. Fun courses, various events from super pipes to racing, and one of my favorite sound tracks I've ever come across on a video game to date. Very pleased to have this little gem of my youth back in my library.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from Memphis, Tennessee on
5 Stars
game time
My husband and I played this when it first came out and we have three kids now. It has been fun to go back to this game and show the kids how to play.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from leavenworth on
4 Stars
If you liked the first two, you'll love this game!
Graphics - 8/10 =============== The first time you pop this baby in the box the first thing you will say is ''wow!” The menus are filled with smooth and vibrant colours that are sure to welcome all first time players to a great looking game. The menus are full of options, which include rider profiles, secrets/cheats, game mechanics, etc. Once you get the beautifully designed menus, you will notice that the game loads at a somewhat slower rate than other games. But once you get into the actual game play, you'll know why! The graphics in SSX 3 are by any means pretty. The game is full with eye candy such as snowboard imprints in the snow to gigantic levels filled with fireworks, cheering crowds and not to mention the many ups and downs of the snow hill. Of course, no game is complete without its flaws. In SSX 3, you will encounter several objects up close, such as trains and buildings. These objects aren't exactly what you would call ''realistic''. These objects and several others are shown to be like cardboard with painted windows and such. But other than that, the games graphics are quite promising and will definitely not let you down. Sound - 10/10 ============= The sound in SSX 3 is amazing! There is no doubt in my mind that you appreciate all the sound that SSX 3 has to offer. I can imagine it now, surround sound, ughhhhhh... well anyways. There is not much of anything bad to say about the games sound, except that it doesn't contain the custom soundtrack feature which most of todays Xbox gamers want. But, nevertheless, the game still gives you the ability to create a soundtrack from the list of songs that are available in the game. These songs include hits from a wide variety of musical artists, such as Swollen Members, X-ecutioners, Finer Eleven, and even N.E.R.D. So, above all, there is definitely lots of sound and music in this game that can be enjoyed by all gamers alike. Controls - 8/10 =============== The controls at first seem quite confusing. But, once you play for a while you'll get the hang of it. People who have played SSX Tricky and its predecessor know exactly what I mean by this, and people who have played SSX and SSX Tricky will get used to the control scheme faster than others will. While the controls seem simple after awhile, you'll still need to master them if you want to complete the game 100% and beat your friends all the time. Although all seems good for the games controls, your hand may get tired after awhile like mine do (although that I do play for 5 hours straight). But, by all means, you'll have no trouble figuring out the controls and will enjoy trying to do the games big tricks! Gameplay - 9/10 ================ This is where the game really shines! If you have a friend (note: the game only allows two players max) you will be playing its multiplayer mode non-stop! Multiplayer consists of several different runs ranging from beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Besides the fun multiplayer mode, you'll have just as much fun (if not more) in the games single player modes. There are actually 2 different single player modes. The first mode is called 'Single Event', which is just like multiplayer except without your friend playing. The other mode is called 'Conquer The Mountain' (my personal favourite), and it consists of several different tasks that include 'Racing', 'Freestyle', and 'Freeride' modes. All in all, this game is packed with non-stop action game play keeping you busy for days, maybe even months, who knows? Replay Value - 10/10 ==================== When choosing a game, I base a large portion of my decision on the games replay value. If you're not sure what 'replay value' is, it's how long a game keeps you playing after you have beaten it 100% or completed its main goal/story. Well now that you know what 'replay value' is, this game has tons of it! I'd say about at least 80% of people who have completed this game have also played it through again, or just play around on different slopes by themselves or with friends. There is so much to do in this game that the game is well worth the price you pay for it. I myself was playing through the games 'Conquer The Mountain' mode again, but trying to beat my old records on each course. So, if you love replay value, get out there and buy this game now! FINAL SCORE - 9/10 ================== This is without a doubt one of my favourite games of all time! And I'm sure that it will be one of yours too! So, if you've got even the slightest interest in Snowboarding or sports at all, then you should at least rent this game. For those of you who have no interest in Snowboarding at all, or have never really tried the real-life sport or a game of the genre (like me), then you should still consider this at least a rental. My final words are that anyone new to the SSX series should give this game a try. And for the people who liked the two original SSX games, you know what to do, go out there and buy it of course!
Reviewed by: from Dartmouth, NS, Canada on

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