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Secret of Evermore
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Secret of Evermore

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Secret of Evermore SNES Super Nintendo Game Cartridge Cleaned Tested and Guaranteed to Work!

In Dr. Sidney Ruffleberg's old, decaying mansion, a boy and his dog stumble upon a mysterious machine. By sheer accident they are propelled into Evermore, a one-time utopia that now has become a confounding and deadly world. A world of prehistoric jungles, ancient civilizations, medieval kingdoms and futuristic cities. During his odyssey, the boy must master a variety of weapons, learn to harness the forces of alchemy, and make powerful allies to battle Evermore's diabolical monsters. What's more, his dog masters shape-changing to aid the quest. But even if they can muster enough skill and courage, even if they can uncover the mysterious clues, they can only find their way home by discovering the Secret of Evermore™.

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Customer Reviews

5 Stars
A Boy and His Dog
This is a lot like secret of mana, only i like it more. Cool story idea, great game play. Buy this game instead of Secret of Mana!
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from Guelph on
5 Stars
Awesome game and a must have for rpg players and collectors. Great story, fun combat.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from Colorado on
5 Stars
A very good game !!!
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from Brasil on
5 Stars
Secret of Evemore... it`s a blast!
Well, I've been waiting to play this game for ages. And now, I own it! How cool is that?! I think that if you want to really appreciate this game, you mustn't think about it as a successor of Secret of Mana, but as an RPG who used the same combat mechanics. If you do that, You will find yourself playing with a fabulous game, with intriguing plot story and a lot of humor. This game is a must have for all rpg lovers as well as collectors.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from Queberc on
5 Stars
great game!
Great game at a reasonable price.Game was delivered to my house in roughly four days after purchasing it, wow!The game works perfectly and has been starting up first try every time.Will be ordering more games from Lukie Games.
Reviewed by: from Lakeland florida on
5 Stars
the secrect of evermore
Excellent game, definitely an all time classic. Probably one of the most overlooked games for the snes.
Reviewed by: from Cincinnati on
5 Stars
A Secret You Should Not Overlook!
This game was wrongfully maligned back in the day. This game has everything you might expect from An Action RPG with it's humorous dialogue, amazing Alchemy system and the seamless gameplay from region to region. The nly flaw I would say the game has is just that it's too short. Such a gem deserved more in it to play! You won't regret picking up a copy today ;)
Reviewed by: from Salmon Arm, Canada on
5 Stars
Lots of fun
Solid RPG. In my opinion not as engaging as others for the SNES but definitely worth buying.
Reviewed by: from Canada on
5 Stars
This game looks great!
To my knowledge, this game is directly spawned from Secret of Mana. I got it for a great price on here with, of course, free shipping. Arrived quickly also!
Reviewed by: from Canada on
5 Stars
A boy with a bazooka and his trusty dog!
One of the greatest games for SNES! True the gameplay is similar to Secret of Mana but the game itself is unrelated! You start out with a flashback from the 60s and are transported to the world of Evermore. This world holds four separate realms, each based off a certain time period. What I always liked was that your dog changes breed depending on which realm you're in. I wont give them all away, but at one point this fearsome beast turns into a poodle. Unfortunately I didn't buy this from Lukie Games. Instead I paid an extra $10 plus shipping on amazon because I'm a sucker :/ Never again!
Reviewed by: from NS on
5 Stars
A SNES Classic
Classic game for SNES, top quality from SquareSoft that plays alot like Secret of Mana. The copy I orderd was in perfect condition, saves worked fine.
Reviewed by: from RI on
4 Stars
Kinda like Secret of Mana
It's kinda similar to Secret of Mana, but for one player only. Which is not really a bad thing. Secret of Mana solo players might remember how you computer allies are dumb and get killed all the time by just about anything. Not really a problem in this game, you dog might get killed too, but it's so strong it rarely happens. I really like the concept of the story, it is cool and different from most RPGs (who are almost all kinda the same). There's a few glitch here and there, but the game is fun enough for that to not be a problem. If I remember well, it's the first American made SquareSoft game. And it shows.
Reviewed by: from Joliette, Québec on
3 Stars
Classic Gamer
Much as I enjoy this game, I have to try to be objective and give it three stars. The gameplay is nearly identical to Secret of Mana, but it's not as refined. The sound effects and music are great, and the graphics are also very well done. The storyline is a fun concept, but the alchemy is hit and miss. Some spells you'll use all the time and others are useless, and trying to level up your weapons/spells can be cumbersome. But in the end, it's a fun game that's worth a shot.
Reviewed by: from NJ on

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