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Sonic 3D Blast
Sonic 3D Blast
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Sonic 3D Blast

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The evil Dr. Eggman (aka Dr. Robotnik) stumbles upon an alternate dimension where some odd birds called Flickies have the ability to travel anywhere. In order to get help in his search for the Chaos Emeralds, Dr. Eggman transforms the Flickies into robots that will help him track down his coveted gems. It's up to Sonic to stop him. Rescue the innocent Flickies before Robotnik turns them into part of his evil plan! Jump into this 3-D adventure as Sonic or his buddy Tails, and collect the golden rings to help free the Flickies and defeat the doctor.

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Action & Adventure


Sega Saturn


NTSC (N. America)

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Customer Reviews

4 Stars
awsome saturn game
I have the saturn and genesis versions. Saturn has awsome soundtrack and not a bad looking game. Controls feel just like it did on the genesis but if you are looking for a good saturn game, i recommend this one.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from independence missouri on
2 Stars
sonic 3d blast
Not the best sonic game butt sill worth playing
Reviewed by: from Middlesboro on
5 Stars
Thanks lukie
It's a little bit upgraded from the genesis version
Reviewed by: from Saskatoon on
5 Stars
Best version of the game
I loved this game when I was a kid, and still love it as an adult. The graphics themselves are great still and have been a bit upgraded from the genesis version. The special stages are much better and look more like sonic 2's special stages. The best thing about this game is the new music. I LOVE the music. Some people might say it doesn't go with it, but I think it does perfectly. I still listen to the music pretty often. Anyways, this is my favourite sonic game and probably will always be!
Reviewed by: from Chatham ON on
1 Stars
Not worthy for a 32 bit game system
This game proves that the Sega Saturn wasn't a good game system. Sega also made this game for the 16 bit Genesis and they're identical. The Genesis Sonic 3D Blast is just as good as this one. The graphics and game play are identical. When a game for a 32 bit game system is identical to a 16 bit game, you know the game system isn't very good. The same can be said about the Atari Jaguar. The bottom line is that this game was pretty impressive when it was made for the Genesis but not for the Saturn. If you own a Saturn, pass this game by.
Reviewed by: from Tennessee on

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