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Sonic and Knuckles
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Sonic and Knuckles

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Sonic must buddy up with his former enemy, Knuckles the Echidna in order to defeat the evil Dr. Eggman. Play as Knuckles and tackle Robotnik and Metal Sonic with bare-fisted attacks, high-speed glides and wall-climbing power. Transform Floating Island into a huge 34 Meg Sonic-epic loaded with new secrets! "Locking-on" requires the additional purchase of SONIC 2 and SONIC 3, but it’s well worth the price of admission.

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Action & Adventure


Sega Genesis


NTSC (N. America)



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Customer Reviews

5 Stars
Sonic and knuckles
Great game and came in mint shape.
Reviewed by: from Nova Scotia, Canada on
5 Stars
I order other games from a popular site and did not receive the service and product like we did with Lukie Games. My son is collecting old gaming systems so now it's time to buy games. Lukie has good quality and fast sevice
Reviewed by: from Cincinnati, OH on
3 Stars
Rough condition
I received a copy of sonic and knuckles yesterday. It works fine but its a real shame there's no description of the condition of the cart before they send it to you, the one I received is in rough shape. I understand these games are a couple of decades old but it would still be nice to know the condition.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from Canada on
5 Stars
Grandson loved it. Works great.
Reviewed by: from Minnesota on
5 Stars
More then just a game.
Sonic and Knuckles is a return to the side scrolling fast paced action that we all knew and loved from the first three games. However there is more to this game then meets the eye! Aside from being a stand alone game you can plug in any of the original three sonic games and unlock nifty things. This is by far a must have for fans of the series, what more its fairly inexpensive being only $9.87 as of this post.
Reviewed by: from Philadelphia on
5 Stars
The second half of THE best game on the ol' Genny!
Sonic & Knuckles is an interesting concept, taking two smaller games and merging them into one massive game is something that hasn't been done on consoles before the time of it's release. It is the very first console game expansion pack and I'd say that deserves some kudos! The graphics are excellent, perhaps the best on the ol' Genny and hold up well even today. The music is brilliant and catchy which is truly all you can as for in this type of game. The game play is second to none as far as platforming is concerned especially with Sonic 3 attached, control is flawless. In my opinion one of the oldies that still stands tall today and one that should not be overlooked, totally worth buying an ol' Genesis for!
Reviewed by: from Vanderhoof, BC, Canada on
5 Stars
this game is lots of fun and a must play for any sonic fan
Reviewed by: from california on
5 Stars
Quite a ride
This is by far the most difficult Sonic game for the Sega. The first few levels are fairly basic, but once you hit the Sand level it starts getting tricky. The final boss is definitely the hardest Sonic final boss of the bunch. Even with its difficulty, it is still a great Sonic game that holds up very well with the rest. In this one you can play as Sonic or Knuckles and there is a separate story line for each character. You can also lock on Sonic 2 and three to the top of the cartridge and play as Knuckles in the previous Sonic games. So it's a pretty packed game with lots of great things about it. It's a must play classic game.
Reviewed by: from Michigan on
5 Stars
Sonic and Knuckles is simply amazing. It is a stand-alone game, but the cartridge enables you to put sonic 2 or sonic 3 on top of it, so you can use knuckles in those games (and even have a bigger game overall combined with Sonic 3). This is a very difficult game, but is very rewarding once you beat it. Any Sonic fan will agree: Buy this game!
Reviewed by: from Newfoundland on
5 Stars
Sonic and Knuckles
Really awesome game.
Reviewed by: from Hoth on

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