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Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic the Hedgehog
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Sonic the Hedgehog

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Utilizing next-gen technologies, light bloom, and environmental motion-blur effects, Sonic's breakneck speed and dazzling world come to life. In his first adventure set in the human world, Sonic meets a beautiful princess named Elise, whom he quickly befriends, but Princess Elise is abducted by none other than the calculating Dr. Eggman who is working under dark and sinister motives, to destroy this special kingdom of hers. In order to restore safety and serenity, Sonic must maneuver his way through a series of adventures and challenges where he will encounter and interact with a bevy of allies and enemies, and ultimately go head to head against the menacing doctor to thwart his malicious plans.

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Action & Adventure


Playstation 3


NTSC (N. America)


Everyone 10+

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Customer Reviews

5 Stars
I just had to
It's Sonic 06; I knew what I was getting into. This game has a justified reputation, but that doesn't stop me from loving it. This game is wonky, clunky, has a weird story, and I got glued to a ledge within the first 5 minutes of playing ... and I loved it. On top of that, Zebrahead produced an awesome song for this game.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from Queensbury on
4 Stars
Lost in Aversion
There are games that are remembered for a long time for various reasons. It can range from critical acclaim to near-universal hate. There are times a games is remembered for being impactful/influential in some manner. This is a game that gets near-universal hate, and it has had a big impact on the franchise, but not in a good way. Promised as a big reboot with a plethora of new ideas to incorporate, it was yet another ambitious project to take on. Unfortunately, various development issues plagued development, resulting in a game that was underwhelming to many for this hyped game. Following such, this game has earned its place in worst games of all times by many, and (even more than a decade later) still receives so much ridicule to the point that even some of the people that hate it don't have anymore to say nowadays. Needless to say, I've never really hated this game. Despite the flaws, I was always able to unironically (not using glitches) have fun with this game. My first time playing this game was years ago, but was only able to complete the game a few times because my older brother had the habit of hogging the PS3 (and other consoles) for himself. I haven't touched the PS3 for years (even after a certain incident with my brother), and didn't play the game (and PS3 in general) until I decided to make a Let's Play about it. Despite being only slightly a bit rougher than I remembered in some areas, the game was still the same fun as I remembered. At another point I've decided to write a little starting point for a little "reimagining" that could be done (it was a part of a school assignment), and now my head is filled with images of certain scenes playing. The sad part is, such a thing happening is unlikely, let alone with me having any part in it. A lot of people will say that this game had a lot of good ideas, but there's so much more that can be done here. And I'm not talking about the game being more technically proficient, for which people say the game would still suck even if it was more proficient. I'm talking about an entirely new story, interesting characterizations, and even various old mechanics being given a fresh new twist. And that's barley touching anything. And for those who believe that this game deserves all the hate that it gets: Is insulting an old game that wanted to be big and had the potential to be everything it could be accomplishing anything? I could do something, but all can do is write for such a game. Can you do something?
Reviewed by: from Edwardsburg, MI on
5 Stars
Gaming Bliss
Once in our lifetimes, a game comes around that makes us contemplate the meaning of life and how we fit in in this complicated world. Simply put, this is the greatest game in the existing universe.
Reviewed by: from United States on

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