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Tomb Raider
Tomb Raider
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Tomb Raider

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Tomb Raider Sega Saturn Game

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Action & Adventure


Sega Saturn


NTSC (N. America)

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Customer Reviews

5 Stars
was going to be a saturn exclusive!
yes Tomb Raider the iconic video game changer was intended at first to be built from the ground up exclusive for the Sega Saturn! And they say Saturn couldn't do 3-d well ha! This game was all about the realism of finally being able to play in a mind blowing 3-d world. I have Playstations and Saturns versions and while i haven't sat down to do any side by side comparison i think i can say that without looking for it there is no difference between the two. Some say there are and maybe they are right but if you are not looking to find them or if your not trying to nit pick(for whatever reason) i doubt you will notice a single thing that makes ps1 better then saturn. both have faults and yet both are incredibly great games. i tend to like Saturns seemingly darker dirtier look too as it makes things more realistic and drew me in all the more so. So if you got a saturn and never played this game changer which still holds up even today (the camera is not that bad if you get used to Tomb Raiders classic no look jumps sprinkled thru out) buy it now!! For sure. if you played or still have the ps1 version its great too but why not buy it for Saturn and see for yourself the differences? maybe you will agree with me on the visuals maybe not. but that sort of thing is fun to do and for the dirt cheap price why not? this is a very nice show piece for your Saturn collection. a system with iconic games as well as amazing hidden gems as well!
Reviewed by: from usa on
5 Stars
I love Tomb Raider, and I find this an interesting port - namely because it's kind of odd that such a PS1-centric series did in fact release a game on the Saturn. As other reviewers said, it's the same as the PS1 version in nearly every way. If you like adventure games, with an emphasis on exploration - this one is for you.
Reviewed by: from Hickory on
4 Stars
Tomb Raider On sega Saturn
I love this game the only diffirences betwen PSx Version and Saturn Version is on the PSx version there is a better resolution but in the Saturn version, the is a better distance render and monre beatiful water :)
Reviewed by: from Quebec canada on
2 Stars
The same ..,
This Tomb Raider is the same of de Psone! And de cheats doesn't work! Haha
Reviewed by: from Brazil on
3 Stars
This game is a must have for Saturn owners. The game that set off a great series. Allthough its plagued by bad camera angle that can often make gameplay difficult it still holds up as fun and for the low price how can you possibly go wrong.
Reviewed by: from Thunder bay on

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