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VITA System 3G/Wifi PCH-1101 - Black - Discounted
VITA System 3G/Wifi PCH-1101 - Black - Discounted
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VITA System 3G/Wifi PCH-1101 - Black - Discounted

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in good condition with some cosmetic flaws (scratches, paint peeling, etc)

This set includes the following -

VITA System PCH-1101 - Black
USB Cable 
AC Adapter

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Playstation Vita


Region Free



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Customer Reviews

5 Stars
Vita Means Life
I owned a PS Vita when it first came out in 2012, I loved it. Also lost it, to heroin addiction, twice (and 3 Original DS'). I got clean just before Halloween 2019 and went back to school for phlebotomy and this was my present to myself. I ordered it from Lukie, a good-ass price and I added a handful of games. It came a few days later, I smoke a lot of pot so my time dilation can be distorted, let's say a week, it came within a week. And in a nice concise white package with bubble padding that also fit in my obtuse mailbox. I live south of downtown Seattle so needless-to-say there are opportunists that may walk by at any given moment, so I appreciated the no over-packaging. This was right before COVID too, so I played it a lot, everyday for 1+ hours, and I do mean "+"! It's 3 years later and it's still chugging! The back touch pad did have a lot of superficial scratches that you could see in the reflected light but it didn't affect anything. It came with a 4GB memory card; after I bought one just-in-case, it also still had the SIM card this being a 3G Model. The absolute only flaw was the power cord they sent with it. About a 6 months later my Vita wouldn't charge and the cord had no obvious defects. But brand new ones are cheap AF, six-footers for 7 bucks or something, I bought one on Amazon and used it with the 5V black brick converter-thingy so it was the cord. I love this company, it's Hella easy to order games and most of their prices are reasonable. I wish I realized that you could order the cases ("complete") sooner than I did the default being "card only." But it's badass that I can hop online after coming home defeated searching stores for used PS Vita games and know there's a big-ass selection a few clicks and a few days away. This Vita has become my companion thru the monkey-climbing battle of addiction and I got it here! PS Vita means life :-)
Reviewed by: from Seattle on
4 Stars
Good Buy
The PS Vita has basically not gone down in price since it came out due to its ahead-of-the-curve design. The price is justified. The system is in great condition and functions properly. The charger that it came with did not work (none of the parts did, its an aftermarket) so I borrowed a friend's to test it for this review. I would say go with it if you are not afraid of well-loved systems. If some buffs and scratches in non-essential areas are deal breakers, then find another product.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from USA, Delaware on
5 Stars
My PS Vita came fully charged and in great condition. It even shipped fast. I had a hard time finding a reasonably priced system elsewhere so I was glad that this site worked out so well.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from Los Angeles on
5 Stars
Great product
I will be buying again soon
Reviewed by: from Bismarck on

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