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WWF Royal Rumble
WWF Royal Rumble
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WWF Royal Rumble

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WWF Royal Rumble SNES Super Nintendo Game Cartridge Cleaned Tested and Guaranteed to Work!

In the ring... Out of the ring...Out of Control! Atomic-Drop, Headbutt, Piledrive and Dropkick your way through the most grueling test of wrestling skills ever devised!! - Royal Rumble: 6-in-the-ring at once! - "No-holds-barred brawl" with no ref... and no rules!! - Choke-holds, eye-gouges and back-breaking chair-slams!! - More superstars than ever before - each with this own trademark moves!! - Tournament Mania: Win the Championship Belt! You may be ready to wrestle... But are you Ready to Rumble?!!

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Super Nintendo


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Customer Reviews

4 Stars
Really good 16-bit wrestling
The WWF games on 16-bit consoles can be hit or miss, but this one is a hit. One of the few WWF games with fluid character animation (as much as can be done on an SNES)... it's not the arcade, but very close. If you wax nostalgic for the WWF glory days, this cart is for you.
Reviewed by: from Texas on
5 Stars
WWF Royal Rumble
This game blew me away such an improvement from Super Wrestlemania. With a better roster and making you feel like you've won the title I highly recommend this for those looking for a great wrestling game on the Snes.
Reviewed by: from Salt Lake City on
5 Stars
First good WWF game
Growing up as a WWF fan during the NES era was very disappointing, it wasn't until Royal Rumble for the SNES that we finally got a game worthy of the brand. The roster had 12 of the top superstars in the company at the time, With big colourful character sprites that were easy to identify. For the first time it was easy to preform actual wrestling moves such as a body slam, a suplex, an atomic drop or a dropkick and each wrestler had their own finishing move, also you could go outside the ring and use the steel chair as a weapon and if you knocked out the referee you could use illegal moves like an eye rake or choke hold. With lots of play modes like a championship tournament, tag team and six man tag matches, it was the Royal Rumble that was the real main event, having up to six wrestlers in the ring at the same time was so much fun especially with a friend! WWF Royal Rumble is my favorite wrestling game of the 8/16 bit era and still holds up well today. The copy I received was in excellent condition and arrived fast
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from Toronto, Canada on
5 Stars
Totally worth it
Awesome game brings back a lot of memories works great looks great definitely a must have for wrestling fans
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from MN on
4 Stars
Great Game
Don't let the LJN logo on the cover scare you. This is quite possible the best wrestling game on the SNES. Great graphics, great gameplay, excellent sound, WWF Wrestling themes, nice game modes to choose from, an awesome roster of characters all complete with a single finishing moves from that era of is all there along with little quirks like knocking out the referee so that you can do illegal moves or taking a chair and bashing it over your opponents' heads when you are outside the ring. The only cons to this game that I can think of are its pacing, because it could be a little bit faster, and it only supports two simultaneous players, which was rectified with the brilliant WWF Raw that came out a bit later, which . This game stays up top as one of my favourite wrestling games of all time, and since this one came out wrestling games started to peak by employing a lot of the formula used in this one. You will not be disappointed by it. I promise you.
Reviewed by: from Guelph, Canada on
4 Stars
Definitely a cool game
I use to love this game when I was younger. I thought the graphics were a little bit ahead of its time and I loved the intro songs to all the characters
Reviewed by: from San Jose on

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