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Aliens Colonial Marines
Aliens Colonial Marines
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Aliens Colonial Marines

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Aliens Colonial Marines Playstation 3 Game tested and guaranteed to work.

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Playstation 3


NTSC (N. America)



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Customer Reviews

5 Stars
Aliens colonial marines
Love it to death.
Reviewed by: from Newyork on
4 Stars
Aliens Colonial Marines
I find it to be a fun game and definitely a must have for true fans of the 1986 classic film Aliens. If you've ever wanted to be a Colonial Marine like in the film and use the weapons they have then this game is for you! I love the atmosphere and the detail of the environments. Plus it's great to revisit the settings from the movie. Over the years I have heard unfair reviews of this by streamers and other gamers but it isn't as bad as they all say. I'm glad I added it to my collection.
Reviewed by: from Glen Burnie on
3 Stars
Ok for fans of Aliens
This game doesn't stack up to AAA FPS, but good for fans of the Aliens franchise.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from Saskatoon Canada on
4 Stars
It's very underrated
People these days are spoiled so called gamers. I grew up during the Nintendo 64 era and also had an Atari 2600, good graphics mean nothing to me. It's the campaign that matters. I also love the Alien movie franchise and this blends into it perfectly considering this takes place after Aliens and Alien 3. The campaign was fun and suspenseful at times due to a dark environment and relying on a motion tracker. The Multiplayer mode is also fun. People say it's terrible and that the Colonial Marines have an advantage, nah, those people are just terrible at playing as a Xenomoprh. The only thing I have against this game is the ability to complete challenges to unlock perks in multiplayer. Some of them are practically impossible to complete. I just gathered some fellow players and we helped each other out in a private match.
Reviewed by: from United States on
2 Stars
Had potential.
I expected more. Wasn't really all that great. Skip it.
Reviewed by: from USA on

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