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Batman: Arkham Origins
Batman: Arkham Origins
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Batman: Arkham Origins

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Batman: Arkham Origins Nintendo Wii U Game. Guaranteed to work and backed by Lukie Games 90 day no questions asked returns policy.

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5 Stars
Back to the Bat
Beware your actions that you commence. They can come back to haunt you for a years to come. In this prequel to Arkham Asylum you play as Batman as he deals with an assassination plot on Christmas Eve. The plot is a huge bounty on his head, and he must deal with it because ignoring it would otherwise lead to the various assassins hurting innocent people if he were to hide. The gameplay is identical to the previous games, but there were a few changes made here and there. Such changes include not having to leave a certain green enemy for last to interrogate, and that there are points that you can instantly travel to (accompanied with a loading screen that's cleverly disguised) once you unlock it. As a prequel, the story has somewhat of a focus of establishing itself as a prequel with how Batman interacts with the characters. Some were more blatant with it than others. Still, I like how many of Batman's villains were introduced in this game via the assassination angle that made, certainly more than how some of the characters were introduced in Arkham City. What isn't so great is the game having particular technical issues. From what I've seen (at least with this version, playing with the patch) consistently, this game doesn't seem to like it when you play for around five (5) hours, as when you’re in the city area, the framerate seems to take a hit in the regard that it can't play for much longer than that. To top it off, I've seen the game freeze during a loading screen after shortly starting the game, and also freeze after the game starts to have its framerate stutter. Other than that, those appear to have been the primary technical issues with the game. Lastly, as for the condition of the game itself when I bought it, it was in good condition with the code for the downloadable content of the game working. I was happy to see it as such. This was the first Batman: Arkham Series game that I've personally played, and despite a few issues, I've really enjoyed the game. Just beware- “Hey, open up!” What? “This is the shardsofglassbyanexplosion police! We’re looking for a green man who’s planning on leaving green trophies all over the city! Can you help us!?” Don’t worry, police, I’m Mantab the crime fighter!”
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