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Big Bumpin
Big Bumpin
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Big Bumpin

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Big Bumpin' Xbox 360 Game

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Microsoft Xbox 360



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Customer Reviews

5 Stars
Love it
Love this game my son plays it everyday it was in very good condition and it came on time i love order my games from here never had any issues with none of my games and the prices are great
Reviewed by: from South Carolina on
5 Stars
Worth It
If you want something cheap on this site. Then buy this game. Make sure you play it while eating food from Burger King.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from USA on
3 Stars
Big bumpin or a Big mac?
My opinions hasn't changed from 2006 to 2020. I always thought this Bk video game was the best of the three games and after all these years it still is, just not in the graphics department there still bad as i remember them being doesn't matter if it's played on original xbox or played xbox 360 there just that bad nothing like the back of the box artwork but who cares about graphics they don't make a game, game play makes a game, And this has it just not enough of it then again these are budget games sponsored by Bk, i have a hard time remembering that because it's a really fun game in small doses.I only played one player mode i'm sure multiplayer would be great but no one is gonna wanna play this,Nobody seems to like these games and when they do they seem to like a certain one. A really cool thing about these games are that they have a built in saved system on the disc that means that your progress won't take up space on your hard drive however custom characters will take up space on the hard drive. I don't know i feel about this game some of the modes are fun to play and others not so much, i don't like there mini game version of hockey and the death match mini game is over to fast but the other 3 games are very nice should've been more of these type of mini games on this cd. Just don't know how i feel about this video game as a whole,half is okay the other half is forgetful. In the end the game is just so so. So if you want something served up fresh then try your hand at big bumpin while snacking on a big mac. Thank you
Reviewed by: from Have It Your Way USA... on

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