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Marvel Ultimate Alliance
Marvel Ultimate Alliance
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Marvel Ultimate Alliance

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Marvel Ultimate Alliance Sony PSP Game tested and guaranteed to work!

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5 Stars
I love this game!
I love this game, though it looks better on the bigger consoles, I believe that the handheld is where this game belongs. Great story huge roster of characters and one of my personal choices for the best game on the console
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from Newport, WA on
4 Stars
Decent MUA port
Marvel Ultimate Alliance for the PSP is a successful attempt at shrinking down the PC title to a handheld format. If you've never played MUA before, it's a licensed Marvel universe top-down RPG hack-and-slash. Think Diablo, but with Doombots. The MUA combat system is simple, but satisfying, with character customization to keep game-play engaging. The story is what you'd expect from a comic book game, (super-heroes unit to overcome a super-villain team-up), but the campaign and side-quests delve into plenty of Marvel lore offering loads of material. While surprisingly enjoyable, there are a few flaws with MUA for PSP. It's been roughly a decade since I've played the original game, and the graphics are a little dated. The PSP version suffers from having a crowded screen, and on such a small screen it's more of a problem than the PC or console versions. In a related matter, the controls are awkward, and there's no way to remap them. If you've played a lot of fighters or beat-em-ups ever button will feel wrong. For example, "X" as the light attack, rather than jump. This last one may be a bit nit-picky considering I'm playing this game in 2017, but having the online option and not being able to use it is annoying. Especially when a dialogue box prompting you to play online comes up every time you start the game! Overall, MUA for PSP is a great game for most action or RPG fans, and is quite cheap considering how difficult it can be to track down a copy. Mine came from this very seller (Lukie Game) and was used in very good condition. PSP players would be justifiably wary of ports to this system (Ultimate Alliance 2 is supposedly quite bad), but this may be the one exception to the rule.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from Nova Scotia on

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