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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Nintendo 3DS Game

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Action & Adventure


Nintendo 3DS


NTSC (N. America)



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Customer Reviews

5 Stars
Works half the time:
I was very impressed with the immediate response that I got from the support team at Lukie Games. They emailed me days after I gave my first 2 star review, and asked me if there was any way to remedy the situation. I asked if they could send me another copy of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and they said absolutely. We will have that shipped to you in a matter of days, and don't worry about sending the faulty game back. A couple of days go by and sure enough I receive the replacement cartridge. This time working immediately in my 3ds system console. Not only did the people at Lukie Games want to fix my issues, but they actually sent me another copy and told me I could keep the faulty one instead of sending it back. Very happy with the amount of customer support I've received and would like to change my 2 star review to a 5 star review. Lukie Games you really came through. Thank you!
Reviewed by: from Michigan on
5 Stars
Monster Hunter 3
Super fast shipping, the best online game retailer around. All day, everyday!!! Lukie WINS!!!
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from Moga Village on
5 Stars
So, I got this using my reward points. I was thinking that reward points would only get me old games or useless accessories that nobody wanted. Needless to say, I was amazed when I saw that some really great stuff, including games I've been wanting, were included in the points list. This was packaged with a $10 or so accessory that I purchased. The shipping was fast. The packaging was perfect. The game and case look and play like new. Wow!
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from KY on
5 Stars
An excellent game!
To put it bluntly, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is an amazing game! The graphics almost seem too good for something you'd find on a Nintendo handheld system. Gameplay is very smooth once you get used to the controls (pretty much all the buttons have numerous function depending on when and how they're pressed). As with pretty much all Monster Hunter games, this one is very challenging, and is geared more towards hardcore gamers. It's not something you'd be playing on your way to school, unless you lived a few hours from your school... I've put almost 200 hours into this game, and I'm still not finished with all there is to do. Oh, and they're quite a bit of character customization in these games, which is definitely a plus. Overall, it's a very deep and well-developed game that you can easily put in hundreds of hours and not get bored. Note that the 3DS version has local wireless play, which allows you and up to 3 of your fiends to complete quests together. The Wii U version allows you to do multiplayer of the internet, so you don't have to be in the same room. Other than that, they're pretty much identical. The Monster Hunter series isn't too well-known in the West yet, but hopefully that will change with Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate being released this Spring (which will have Nintendo cameos). I highly recommend this game!
Reviewed by: from Chandler on

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