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No More Heroes
No More Heroes
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No More Heroes

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This is the No More Heroes Nintendo WII Game guaranteed to work like new and backed by the Lukie Games 90-day no questions asked returns policy!

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Action & Adventure


Nintendo Wii


NTSC (N. America)



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Customer Reviews

5 Stars
One of the best Wii games
No More Heroes is a fantastic and must own Wii title. It's crazy, cool and not something you would expect from the system. Definitely get it if you haven't already!
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from NH on
5 Stars
One of the best wii games
This game is so bonkers and bad ass. Probably my favorite wii game. Came complete and in great condition.
Reviewed by: from Phoenix on
5 Stars
An M-rated game for Wii, and it works.
No More Heroes, made by Suda51 who is know for having very over-the-top games, is as over-the-top as you could imagine. The game has solid combat that fast, flashy, and fun. The cutscenes are hilarious. Travis Touchdown is one of the most likable video game characters ever, and he's a complete douche. So much comedy and action that you'll love. Only things that are bad is the overworld and the side missions. You need to do side missions to get enough money to do a story mission, and they aren't that fun. They're pretty boring. Also the overworld is very bland with nothing to do. Also the bike that you use to travel the city is just awkward to control. But you shouldn't let those get to you, because behind those are some great moments and action that you shouldn't pass up.
Reviewed by: from Pennsylvania, USA on
4 Stars
A Little Different But In A Good Way
No More Heroes doesn't have the tightest controls and some side missions are questionable as to why they are even in the game. But these are forgivable because it makes up for it's shortcomings with thrilling gameplay, fantastic boss fights, and breathtaking art design. And lets face it, you'll never come closer to slicing up baddies with a light saber in a video game like you can with Travis Touchdown's beam katana. If you're feeling brave enough to try something a little different, do yourself a favor and get this game.
Reviewed by: from Stouffville on
5 Stars
Great Game
Hmm... I bought this game for my brother, but this game is very funny
Reviewed by: from Brazil on

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