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Super Retro Trio SR3 Plus - Galaxy Edition
Super Retro Trio SR3 Plus - Galaxy Edition
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Super Retro Trio SR3 Plus - Galaxy Edition

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The limited edition SR3 Plus - Galaxy Edition is the premium top loading console for all of your original NES, SNES and Genesis games. Custom built with three cartridge slots, six controller ports, and with HDMI and AV compatibility. Two 10-foot wired SNES-style controllers are included.

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Customer Reviews

5 Stars
super retro trio sr3 plus galaxy edition
bought this console so i dont have to have so many systems around the house works great and works with my newer tv thanks to the hdmi cable.
Reviewed by: from buena vista on
2 Stars
Trio 3
Bought this to eliminate having so many consuls out at once. NES and Sega portion does not work very good. Has issues with playing multiple Sega games. NES has a death grip on some games and at times won't play games that work on the original NES. Controllers are junk, when I push right in Mario he wants to crouch all the time. I was told multi tap would work on the system, it does not. Buy an original as these are cheaply made and are more outdated than an 80s model NES.
Reviewed by: from Bakersfield on
5 Stars
Amazing clone system
This thing is awsome. I have the retron 5 which is emulation based so I wanted hardware based tried the retron 3 HD the color and sound was off on almost all the systems. The has some sound issues like the reverse duty cycle for the coin in mario bros (nes) but not as bad as other multi system clones. The color is near perfect. Battletoads for nes does freeze on the 2nd level as almost all clone hardware does (no big deal can play the sega version or use my real nes), the systems snes slot plays super nintendo and super famicom games, to play famicom on nes you will need an adapter because of the pin count difference. This system and all slots play clone Carts and multi carts very well if you have a genisis multi cart with master system games on it you will need to put the region switch to pal for the correct color pallet. I highly recommend this clone system compared to others at the same price level
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from Fyffe on
5 Stars
Awesome system
Ordered this a little under a year ago and it's awesome not a thing wrong with its build quality or functionality
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from Humboldt on
5 Stars
Rather than plug in & unplug my old consoles & switching back & forth I bought this & I'm DEFINITELY glad I did! It has played EVERY game I've thrown at it between the Sega, SNES, & NES. Having the capability to play all 3 consoles in on package is very convenient & to be able to use all my original controllers is AWESOME! The controllers that come with it aren't even that bad. They feel a little light at first but the controls themselves work really well. A lot of the time my kids & I will just use them instead of the original controllers although using the SNES style controllers while playing a Sega game is kinda weird. It's doable but I would recommend using a Sega controller if you are going to play a Sega game. As far as graphics they are AMAZING! If you're looking to just play some old school NES,SNES, or SEGA & aren't as picky as some HARDCORE collectors & want to save on your original consoles if you have them I would TOTALLY recommend this. My wife, kids & I have played this everyday for hours at a time & it hasn't skipped a beat. I DEFINITELY like the fact that it plays off the cartridges themselves & it's NOT an EMULATOR like some of the other clone consoles out there. HAPPY GAMING!
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from Staples, MN on
5 Stars
Super Retro Trio 3+
Received my items in one week. It really does everthing that was advertised. Big plus with the 10 ft. cord and controllers, after setting it up. I will be looking at more retro-bit items along the way. Also more games as well. I have to say it was a really good system in my opinion. A lot of features that made it the right choice. It is worth getting one.
Reviewed by: from Montclair on

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